Black Bloggers United Meet Up In District of Columbia (Recap)

*All photography by Michelene Wilkerson of
As the Outreach Director of Black Bloggers United, I love traveling to new cities to meet up with fellow Black Bloggers.

The same weekend as the Blogging While Brown Conference and Black Weblog Awards, our DC Coordinator, Shanita Brown of Within Her Words, hosted a meet up at The Park at Fourteenth. This was only my third time visiting DC and very first time visiting The Park. I was absolutely impressed.
The restaurant turned nightclub has four floors, all equipped with a full bar and several seating areas and tables for networking. For our event, we chose the first floor outdoor patio to take full advantage of the discounted drinks and food for happy hour. For some reason, I didn't think that it would be as hot in DC as it was down south in North Carolina, but LORD SOMEBODY LIED TO ME.

Like, why did I even think straightening my natural hair was a good idea? Why? How, Sway?
The aspects of meetups that I love the most is meeting up in person with people that I've only known online. I finally got a chance to meet my blogging babes, Victoria Mason of The Budget Divaa and Michelene Wilkerson of, along with the rest of my blogging tribe after talking with them on Google Hangout for over a year!
I have hosted and attended several meet ups on behalf of Black Bloggers United this year and always look forward to them. Most of you guys know that I'm a pretty introverted blogger and pretty shy, so hosting and attending meet ups definitely forces me out of my "party of one" comfort bubble.

Out of all of the meet ups that I've attended, this was probably my favorite location, but I could have just been biased because I was starvin' like Marvin and this place had great food! Food and cheap alcohol is definitely the way to my heart and The Park at Fourteenth had both ready to serve on a silver platter. Those jerk chicken sliders and rum punches were hitting the spot. 
Now back to the meet up, because I could talk about and look at food all day.

There is something so powerful that happens when you get Black bloggers together over drinks. As bloggers, we have all given a vow to the internet to share our truths and opinions, as well as a vow to ourselves to pursue our dreams. As Black bloggers we have an added responsibility to keep our community in mind, especially as long term issues are finally being pushed to the forefront of the media.

At the meetup, we had several conversations including how to talk about political and community issues for your audience, as well as how we are all staying motivated to provide consistent content to you, our readers. Of course, now as new friends, we ended the night with toasts, laughter and inspiration to be our best selves.
Daaannng, I was hungry.
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