Introverted Artist, May Wirtz Racon, is Painting Your Favorite Rappers

When I came across the artwork of May Wirtz Racon in a Facebook group, I knew that I couldn't selfishly keep her awesomeness to myself.

The late-20s french artist studied Graphic Design and Leatherwork before moving to London. Her trademark is her geometric, bright shapes that she incorporates into all of her artwork. 

Her latest collection is The Rapper Project which features 19 musicians that she believes represent the faces of rap.
On Displaying Her Art
"I had my second exhibition in London [and] presented a part of my rappers project. I had a great time even if I'm shy and not really comfortable when I have to interact with a lot of people. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to come show love. "
On Creating
"Creation process: I need music and that's about it to be honest."
On Developing Her Craft
"Practice makes perfect. I did the portrait on the left 6 months ago, and I just finished the one on the right. I was so proud of the first one,even shared it here, and now I can't even look at it lol.. It's so flat lol. When i started to create this series I didn't expect do get better, at all. I was just going with the flow. I'm so happy I'm getting better at something I love doing though."
Make sure to follow PerplexSquare on Instagram for inspiration and to buy her artwork (including that awesome Kendrick Lamar bag!).

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