Meet The Techie and Traveling Mother Who Are Helping Protect Black Travelers From #AirbnbWhileBlack

The discrimination that Black people face around the world is undeniable and it unfortunately isn't subsided while on vacation.

Earlier this year, the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack caught media attention and the story of Rohan Wilkes being discriminated against while using Airbnb on a trip to Idaho went viral. Several other Black Airbnb users went to Twitter to share their stories and hopefully get the company to come up with a solution.
*Caution: vulgar language ahead 
(and it comes from a man in my own hometown...)
Gilke's reported his experience to an Airbnb representative; however, after a few weeks of no response, he took to social media. After his post on Medium went viral, Airbnb took notice. Gilke's hoped to partner with Airbnb to help end this problem of discrimination; however, without clear initiative from the company, he decided to create a solution.

“Instead of begging for change, waiting for change, and just being passive, at some point, you have to take action and make the change that you want to see happen.”- Gilkes

Rohan Gilkes and Zakiyyah Myers joined together to create, Noirebnb. After a failed attempt to collaborate with another Black-owned business that had a similar idea, Noirebnb was forced to change its name to Innclusive. Innclusive will allow its users the ease of knowing that they can stay in welcoming environments and meet new people while they travel. The best part: if a host denies you certain dates, the system will prevent them from allowing them to other travelers.

Meet the creative geniuses behind the Innclusive initiative.
Rohan Gilkes is a tech entrepreneur and has founded several successful startup companies. He was inspired to pursue this project after his own #AirbnbWhileBlack experience. He brings marketing, branding, design, and user experience background to this project. Rohan is a regular speaker at startup conferences and MBA programs around the country.

Zakiyyah Myers is a world traveler and mother of two. She has been traveling and building relationships around the world for the past 20 years. She brings over two decades of management, operations, strategy, and logistical experience to this venture. Zakiyyah is a member of the NomadnessTribe, Travel Noire, and quite possibly every other travel group under the sun.

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