Shefon Nachelle Is A Hummingbird And She Wraps Her Wings In Vintage

I can't remember the first time that I ran into Shefon Nachelle online, though I do know that I was never able to get her or her writing out of my head.
There are some people that you can look at and tell that they are coming into their craft. Shefon Nachelle is definitely one of those people. The self-proclaimed hummingbird has a way of taking her realizations about life and describing them so that anyone can relate. Shefon's targeted audience has to be the creative soul. Through her writing, she is so transparent about her growth, her discovery and her struggles in this phase of life.

As no surprise from a carefree spirit, this lady also has amazing style, doting several unique vintage finds on social media.

Shefon Nachelle on Shopping Vintage:
"Oddly enough, thrifting has sent me on a journey to search deeply for the woman I am through the women who gifted me this life and lived, loved and thrived before me."
Photo Cred: @brandonthomasbrown 
Shefon Nachelle on Pain and Creativity:
"Sometimes I make the dreadful mistake of thinking sadness and pain are the only wellsprings that birth creativity. While writing has served as a conduit to healing for me, pain alone can not always take center stage in our creative expression.

When we are transformed, we have to let ourselves become something new. Artistic expression should imitate life, but it should also create it. I want to know I am as gifted at peace as I am at war."
Favorite Writing Pieces From Shefon Nachelle:
Photo cred: @brandthomasbrown
Shefon Nachelle on Growth:
"I have been so many different women to arrive here with this heart."
 Shefon Nachelle on Motherhood:
"And even a moment such as this in the world, where we are bombarded and heavy with the death of brown bodies, I am taught that black motherhood is about resilience.

This journey of mommy hood has required waking up every day and speaking life into the beating hearts and bright eyes of our children."

This Hummingbird has won our hearts. Make sure to check out Shefon Nachelle's blog and Instagram.

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