Jewel Pearson Gives A Tour of the Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House in Charlotte, NC

Could you live in a house that is 360 square feet?

Anyone who knows me knows that building an off-the-grid tiny house on a trailer is within my five year plan. So when I found out that there was a Black women in the same town that I grew up that owned a mobile tiny house, I just had to find out more about her. Jewel Pearson was featured on HGTV's "Tiny House, Big Living" and utilized a black-owned building company in Charlotte to help her build her home.
I'm sure that many people are thinking that the tiny house lifestyle is just for minimalist or that tiny houses are just meant, to accommodate one person; however, Jewel debunks that myth. The Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House features a walk-in closet that is bigger than mine and also has two lofts that can be used for sleeping, one of which has a queen sized bed. Jewel also has a dog that fits comfortably in the home.

Keep reading to find out how the decision to go tiny is helping Jewel achieve her dreams of both wanderlust and financial freedom.
Why Jewel Decided To Go Tiny
"Since my daughter was very young, my plan has always been to live lighter so as to not have to work as much and as hard as I got older. To work in Corporate America on my own terms. I wanted a lifestyle that would allow me to travel and enjoy life more, to focus on the things that really matter, to be free(er) and less obligated so that should I happen to decide I want to relocate it takes less effort and is less expensive."

How Long It Took Jewel To Downsize
"I started the downsizing process in 2006 and over the course of 10 years went from a 4bd/3bath home to a 1bd/1bath apt. My initial dream was RV living, the cost of which I realized based on my tastes, wouldn’t afford me the free(er), lighter lifestyle I was dreaming of...To be able to take my house with me when I want to relocate; eliminating most of the relocation costs and headaches associated with relocation. Even if I didn’t travel with my tiny home, a lifestyle that would afford me the opportunity to live and know freedom."
How Jewel Designed Her Tiny House
I spent a year and a half researching everything related to tiny houses, understanding and paying attention to my use of space in my apartment and planning all of the details for my tiny house. My tiny house had to be something that represented me and my lifestyle, with lots of light and windows, it had to include everything on my list of the must haves that I deemed important – and hopefully some of the wish list items. I didn’t want to feel like I was giving up anything. My tiny house had to be something that would make me happy and without a doubt and in my best James Brown voice –it had to be funky!
Though building a tiny home in the United States does have it's struggles. Jewel talks with Tiny House Expedition about how she found land to park her tiny home.
Interested in seeing the Ms. Gypsy Soul Tiny House in person? Make sure to sign up for a tour at

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