Jesse Boykins III Personifies The Artistic Process

"I'm not after 'perfect'. I'm after truth and love "

Jesse Boykins III has been on my radar since his 2011 EP, "Way of a Wayfarer", three years after his first public album. I was reacquainted with the musician when I stumbled across his Instagram account. Something about the spirit that radiates from his online presence left me memorized and forced me to look into the journey of my own creative being.

The talent that Boykins III possesses in undeniable; however, his transparency about his self love and growth as an artist is what my subconscious couldn't let go.
 If I have ever met a creative that personifies the artistic process, it would have to be this one.
"In my experience, with all this heart, art is my main vessel I feel that expresses the feeling love. That's why I chose to be an artist. The challenges and the setbacks are always going to be there. The obstacles and doubt too. Moving forward and being creative in it all helps. I hope my music helps you. "
Jesse Boykins III on artistic expression
"I might be too aware and too prideful when it comes to my artistic expression, but I'm good with that tho. It keeps me going,"

"Never been afraid of going against all odds, always been the underdog, always worked hard for what I earn, always been patient through the creative process, always been fueled by the power of true love."

"I fight for what I believe in, thankfully most things I believe in don't need me to fight for them, but they do need me to love for them."

"Do what you love until it gives you back all the work you put in. In one way or another. Feeling good feeling great, staying true...Continue to speak your mind, continue to listen to your heart"

"Work through it, create through it, love yourself through it"
On growth
"You should find out what you need from yourself to grow first before you hit anyone with a list of wants you expect from them."

"embrace your differences just as much as you embrace your you more than ever"

"Life is good when you pace yourself and don't let negativity slow your hustle"

Photo credit: Mark P

Make sure to keep up with the release of Jesse Boykins III's newest tape BARTHOLOMEW on Instagram and on his website.

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