The Jeli: Sharing Stories of a Global African Experience

Have you ever thought about becoming a writer, but you’re not sure how to get started? Well, an up and coming publishing company called The Jeli is working share a universal African experience by giving anyone and everyone the chance to become a published writer. 

The Jeli is a publishing company whose goal is to share knowledge and fresh, new perspectives on the African experience through the African Diaspora. The Diaspora is a term that refers to the global African community - all of the places in the world that have been created from the dispersion of African people throughout history. The Diaspora spans almost every continent, including Europe, Asia, South America and North America.
One of the great things about The Jeli is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to get your work out there - all you need is a story. 

The Jeli accepts submissions for fiction and non-fiction works. Everything from short stories and poetry to travel memoirs and biographies are fair game for this publishing company.

 Aside from the Jeli’s printed publications, they also connect with readers and prospective writers through their blog. Each week they post new pieces on a variety of unique topics, that will definitely get you thinking - and hopefully creating!

Find out more about The Jeli on their website. And be sure keep up with them on Twitter at @TheJeliStories and Instagram at @TheJeli

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