Jaleesa of "No Country For Old Trends" Is Not Here For The Crop Top/Midi Skirt Trend

I knew that I wasn't the only one that noticed that almost everyone on Instagram adopted the same skin-tight uniform.

One day recently, while scrolling through my Instagram feed (a newly formed bad habit that I never thought that I'd have), I came across the coolest chick with pastel pink pigtails that I had ever seen. I don't know if it was the vibrant street art in all of her pictures or her carefree style, but somehow, I ended up scrolling through all of Jaleesa's pictures and landing on her blog, No Country For Old Trends.

I absolutely love everything that Jaleesa stands for. She is a DIY maverick and a stays true to her quirky style.
Jalessa On Conformity in the Fashion Community
"Doesn’t it feel like everyone looks the same? Haven’t you seen the same Fashion Nova pink latex dress everywhere? In a world full of Kardashian replicas and Instagram-boutique inspired outfits, I too, fell victim to the overdone “crop top & midi skirt” uniform. Though I can appreciate the style, and those who pull it off flawlessly, that image doesn’t always suit my preferences." 

"Somewhere along Kim’s rise to infamy and Kylie’s 10th surgery, I lost my own style"

About her movement
"No Country For Old Trends symbolizes the end of my hypnosis. If you’re looking for another blogger always sporting said “uniform”, you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll find an assortment of unique, and more importantly, affordable/”broke phi broke” outfits and fashion tips, DIY projects, hair & make-up advice, and of course, pornographic-worthy snippets of my oldest love, food. I pledge to regain and document my individuality and hope to inspire you to do the same!"

Make sure to check out No Country For Old Trends and to follow Jaleesa on Instagram.

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