These Married Business Partners Seem To Have Mastered Work-Life Balance

The idea of going into business with a significant other scares most people, but not CurlMix CEOs, Kim and Tim Lewis.

On the outside looking in, it looks as if this couple has mastered the work-life balance that every entrepreneur is looking for. After graduating from business school in 2013, Kim worked a few odd jobs, as did Tim, when they realized that they didn't receive fulfillment from working for someone else.

After roughing it through a near minimum wage salary, the couple took the leap towards autonomy and started the first ever DIY subscription box for natural hair. 
From the looks of it, business is going well.

When the couple is not working hard, you can find several pictures of them on social media traveling the world or playing with their adorable godbabies!
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It can be so hard going into business with the same person that you go home to. The separation between work and relationship can become a blurred line. 
Of course, every relationship has its struggles; however, the key to this couple's success seems to be organization and loving the company that you are with.

Getting work done
We are a big fan of the Curl Mix couple's Instagram. Although this couple travels a lot, they make sure to give their followers a realistic view of what it means to live that entrepreneur life.

"For those who wonder how our remote work looks from day to this. No glam here folks. Hoodies and laptops."

"Don't be fooled. It's not all a vacation. We are still working...just remotely . Looks can be deceiving. My social media only makes up like 15 mins of my day."

Kim on becoming an entrepreneur
"After I quit Aldi, Tim had to get a job with #Starbucks for minimum wage as a barista and I made $10 per hr at Portrait Innovations as a photographer. If there was ever a time I was the most motivated in my life, it would have been then...  I think I've quit 3 of the of the 6 jobs I have ever had and Tim has quit 2 of his 6. We didn't choose entrepreneurship, it chose us."

The couple on marrying young
"When I tell people I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 21, they usually look at me sideways like - "Oh, no! This girl has made a huge mistake." Then they meet Tim and are just so impressed and act like they believe in miracles. 

"Yesterday, I walked around the house with matted hair, baggy sweats, a cut up hoodie, and bad breath and Tim walked up to me, kissed me, and told me how beautiful I was. After 8 years of being together (3 years of marriage, 5 years of dating - no breaks), it's moments like those that I cherish the most. 
"A lot of people talk about how hard marriage is but when you marry somebody you would choose over everyone else, someone who has your back, wants the best for you always, and loves you till the end, someone you'd choose over and over again....somehow it feels so easy. 

I married an old friend, the best decision I have ever made." 

Support an awesome couple and make sure to check out for all of your natural hair needs. P.S. All of the products are organic!

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