How To Blog Consistently: The No BS Guide

How To Blog Consistently: Create A Blogging Routine
There is obviously a reason that I had to call this a no "BS" Guide.

When I ask bloggers what their biggest struggle is, 9.5 times of of 10, the answer is 'staying consistent'. I've looked up articles before on the secret to blogging consistently and a lot of the articles are just fluff with added affiliate links.

Um, no thank you.

If you ask anyone in my blogging tribe, they will tell you that one of my strong suits with blogging is writing consistently. If you have been following Quirky, Brown Love for a while, you'll noticed that I've upped the amount of posts to about 1-2 posts a day...ya know, because I'm a crazy person that has even crazier goals.
Now that I've talked myself up enough, let's get down to business.

These are the habits that I use to write consistently on my blog:

1. I decided how many posts that I wanted to write in a 30 Day period
I haven't really talked to many people about my goals for Quirky, Brown Love; however, I plan to turn it into somewhat of a media outlet. Most media outlets post about seven times a day; however, a lot of it is just fluff or slideshow lists. I have made the ultimate goal of doing two well-written and interesting posts per day with the help of contributors, with the except of Sunday (cause home girl needs a break!). This translates to 48 posts in 30 days. If you are reading this post, however, something tells me that you are having trouble posting even two posts a week, so let's set a more realistic goal.
For starters, I suggest once a week with an ultimate goal of at least three times a week for the effective blogger.

2. I narrowed down the categories that I am going to write about
Maybe the reason that you are not blogging consistently is because you don't really like what you are writing about....
My first year of blogging, I had this series called 100 Dates in 365 days which was basically a complete fail. It was a cool concept, but I didn't really like showing people what me and my boyfriend did on date night (which was basically eating, getting drunk and watching Adventure Time). Reevaluate your navigation categories.
If you haven't written under a certain tab in a long time, it might be a sign that it needs to be taken down all together.

3. I decided what type of posts I am going to write under each category
What do I mean by this? I'll show you an example based on my real blogging schedule, but be ready to do a little math (sike, I'll do it for you). On my blog, I am doing 2 posts a day and I have 6 categories on my blog that I write under. Since I am writing 48 posts each month and I want to write about all 6 of my categories equally, I am writing 8 posts per category per month.

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Therefore in my blogging schedule I wrote out what type of posts I want each of those 8 posts to be. For an example, here's my content plan for the Quirky Living category of my blog:


  • 3 Features on Cool, Quirky People Found Online
  • 1 Realizations/Odes
  • 1 YouTube Video from a Creative 
  • 1 Hobby Related
  • 2 Posts That Incorporate Brands That I Like
So if you are a fashion blogger, you can decide how many OOTD posts, brand spotlights, fashion advice, blogger interviews, roundups, etc. that you want to do for your "style" category.

4. I built a posting schedule based on the number of posts that I am writing for each category.
Ultimately, I am making a post for each of my 6 categories twice a week. Therefore, each day has 2 times of posts that are scheduled. I told you that this is a no BS guide, so I'll make sure to stay true to my word. Here is my posting schedule currently for Quirky, Brown Love:


For the two posts, I do one in the morning and one in the mid afternoon though, I'm honestly not sure when the best time is to have your blog posts go live.
How To Blog Consistently: Create A Blogging Routine
5. For ideas, I keep a journal with me at all times.
I know that I'm not the only one that gets her best blogging ideas while I'm at work, driving, or in the shower only to forget them by the time I am able to actually work on them. Get a list going in your journal for whenever ideas pop up and before you know it all of your blog posts will be planned for the month. The key is to keep the journal with you...even at work (ha, I promise I'm a good employee).

6. I Screenshot things I find while browsing on my phone.
This has been instrumental in how I have been able to find content to write about on Quirky, Brown Love! I have a super ADHD brain, so I used to keep like 20 tabs open on my iPhone when I would find something interesting that I wanted to write about or if I found someone cool on Instagram that I might want to interview. Now I just screen shot it and go through my screen shot item whenever I am planning the content that I will write for the month.

7. I batch write my blog posts
Even though I have created my schedule, there are some days that I feel more interested in writing under a certain category than others. Therefore, some days I just binge and write all of my posts that are the easiest for me to write and then schedule them for their appropriate days. So, if you are writing only 1 post per week, which equals 4 posts a month, you could write all of your posts in 1-2 days and spend the rest of the month promoting your content. Easy peasy.

8. When writing, I force myself to leave my house
If I am going to get dressed on my day off and spend money at a coffee shop, you better believe that I am motivated to get work done!

9. I got over myself
As someone who didn't go to school for writing, I know that my writing, grammar and spelling can all use a little help. I could have easily been stuck on being perfect and have kept all of my posts in drafts or just not written at all. Instead, I got over myself and hit publish. If you ever get stuck on being perfect, just think about the people that your writing will never help if you never hit publish.

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Not that I've laid it all out on the table, I hope that this post has motivated you to share your gifts with the world! If you know someone that could use a little blogging boost, definitely share this post with them!

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