Meet The Photography Couple That Has Created All Of Your Favorite Child Photos on Instagram

Have you every wondered who the photographer was behind those absolutely adorable pictures of little brown girl posse with the beautiful natural hair? Or even the cute little growing men in suits?

Not sure what pictures I'm referring to? Don't worry, I will gladly refresh your memory, but be prepared for absolutely adorableness and possibly hair envy.

Meet the creative geniuses behind these over-the top and absolutely stunning photo shoots, Regis and Kahran Bethencourt. Not only are they amazing business partners, but they are also a married couple. Talk about the necessity of work-life balance
Reg and Kahran  have been married for almost 5 years and currently reside in Atlanta, GA. The couple owns CreativeSoul Photography and are sought out for photo shoots all over the United States. The quirky couple met in true blerd fashion: in an online graphic designer forum.

“Regis was one of the moderators of the forum and he reached out to me to wish me a happy birthday,” Kahran tells Essence. “His humor interested me and we started chatting online.”  Kahran, who lived in Oregon at the time, wasn’t convinced she wanted to date a guy living on the opposite coast, especially since she had just gotten out of a long-distance relationship; however, Regis won her over with natural charm. Classic. 

Neither Kahran nor Regis liked the idea of a long distance relationship, but Kahran tells how they made it work. ”I think [the distance] made us stronger as a couple. During each visit, we would go on ‘photo dates,’ where we captured photos of each other to last us until our next visit.” 

A year and a half later, Reg moved to Oregon to be with Kahran, and a few years later they settled into a new home together in Atlanta, closer to family and friends.
This couple is absolutely making history in the photography world. Make sure to keep up with the CreativeSoul Photography Instagram and to check out the website to book your next session!

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