This Instagram Account Gives A Much Needed Perspective On Black Men With Wanderlust

When I come across lists of travel blogs on the internet, they are filled with inspiration women who are pursuing their wanderlust dreams. This always leaves me with one question: where are the fellas?

On a search for some male travel bloggers, I came across the Black Guys Travel Instagram account

Ladies, let me tell you. It is inspirational.

The men featured on this account are traveling all over the world, from Santorini to Maldives, all while keeping the laid back personality that can be expected from a wayfarer.

Check out a few of the men in various destinations below:
Pictured:  @qredders
Pictured: @mrdrefuller 
Pictured: @apuje @iamjodyjacobs and @djbhen
Pictured: @jacobsumana
Pictured: @rickyarcane
Pictured: @jermainasiedu
Pictured: @daprince21
Pictured: @ifenyi_f
Pictured: @noirewayfarer
Pictured: @jefro5
Pictured: @lesvermines
Pictured: @sdotesq
Pictured: @adventure_mims
Are you passport ready? Where are you planning to travel next?

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