Artist Spotlight: Mathieu Sauier of Khan Nova

by StephRoyalty
Any art lovers looking for a new artist to follow? 
How about taking a second to check out Mathieu Saunier, a french digital artist who has created some phenomenal masterpieces worth checking out! His work is out of this world giving you a bit of futuristic art with a dash of past elements. One thing that definitely stands out in his pieces is that he uses people of different ethnicities in his artwork.     
If you're looking him up Saunier's work is under his artist name Khan Nova! Khan has also been known to feature celebrities in the most creative ways in his digital art! Some celebrities he’s featured include Alicia Keys, Grace Jones, FKA Twigs and more.

His work can contain anything from pyramids, sand, the sun, the stars or even some random ski gear thrown into the mix. His pieces are fascinating and it makes you wonder what's going on in that head of his! His work has been featured in several publications and even featured on Afropunk's site.   
You can catch Khan Nova on his social networks listed below. You can also purchase his digital art via his Facebook page!

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