Yoga With SQA: 5 Yoga Poses For a Tight Achilles Tendon

SeQuoya Addison is on a mission to teach you how yoga can improve your daily life. It's time for you to jump on board.

Yoga with SQA is an online yoga hub for the real millennial. SeQuoya, who goes by SQA, gives consideration to the daily stresses that the average person goes through when sharing her own personal testimonies about the role yoga has played in her life.

SQA's testimony:
"It wasn't until I decided to deepen my yoga practice, and I mean really take it seriously in my day to day when I noticed a weight lift off my shoulders.

Time seemed to slow down. My mind felt calm. Bad days got easier each week. I was sad less. I stopped being upset with where I was in life. I started feeling happier.

Being able to clear my mind through yoga, and having faith in God, knowing that he makes no mistakes and that he's made my life to have purpose has helped out tremendously."

Check out this thorough video on 5 easy poses to help loosen up that tight Achilles tendon.
In the Charlotte, NC area? Grab a mat and join SQA for a 60 minute vinyasa yoga sesh.

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