The Undecided Series: The Joys and Struggles of Being a Black Student At a PWI

by Meagan Faison
As a student getting ready to go off to college, you typically have two choices: You can either go to a HBCU or a PWI. There’s no wrong choice, but if you’re like me and choose to pass on a historically black college or university for a predominantly white institution...and that’s when things get interesting. 

The scripted series Undecided follows 3 friends, Zuri, Cam and Alexis as they navigate through the highs and the lows of a college experience at Southern State University, a PWI in Atlanta. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always smooth sailing for black students at colleges when you’re with a more diverse group of peers.  In the series, the trio tackles everything from classes, relationships, and social lives to finances, parents’ expectations, and the everyday pressures of college life.
This series seems to be super-relatable since I’m sure we either know or have been either one or all of these characters at some point in our college lives. 

Producer and co-creator of the series, Shandrea Evans, brings the character of Zuri to life. She takes on the role of the sensible one in the group - the friend that forces you to study for exams and makes sure that you twerk responsibly at parties. She’s coming into college with it all together (or so she thinks *dun,dun,dun*).

Then there’s Alexis, played by Diamond Mitchell. While she’s not sure what she wants to do with her life just yet, she’s determined to have as much fun as possible while figuring it out.  And last but not least Cam, aka Micah J. Oliver, is the much-needed testosterone to balance the group...even if he isn’t all that balanced himself. Like most people, his silly, carefree attitude covers up some deeper issues for this uncertain Pre-Med student.
Even though we still have some time until the semester begins for Undecided, keep up with everything going on with the show at

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