The Millennial's Guide To Dominating Summer Date Night

by Keila Dumas
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Summer is almost here! Do you know what that means? Fun! Not only that, but Summer creates the atmosphere for exploration, and who better to do it with than your quirky partner in crime? 
The first Summer I got to experience with my boyfriend opened up a whole new realm in our relationship. Traveling with someone you love and trying out new things is definitely a wonderful feeling. While last Summer was awesome for us, this year we decided to take the warmer months by the horns and try out some not-so-typical date night approaches. We have already surpassed the usual painting with a twist nights, ice cream trips, impromptu picnics, and matinee dates, so we sat and compiled a list of things to try this Summer in between our work schedules and parent life. The list seemed so awesome I had to share it! There are also some cool links to check out so that you and your love can get more information and plan accordingly! Happy dating!
Tastebud Food Tours
If you and your SigNif are fellow foodies, there are three awesome food tours that happen in New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago! Each city has a different range of tours provided with many selections of foods to try! They have tours 6 days a week and the tickets are $55 to tour and fill your tummy with awesome food!

Music Festivals
Let’s face it. Music makes the world go ‘round. And with the hype of Coachella, who doesn’t want to experience a music festival? The Summer is the perfect time to be outside and listen to some awesome music and be around great people. Some recurring festivals like Roots Picnic, Essence Music Festival, and Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival are all happening this year. If you’re into other genres, and down to get your travel on, Music Festival Wizard is your guide to festivals all over the world!
Wine Tasting
There’s nothing like expanding your palettes to find the perfect wine for any occasion. With wine being one of the new hypes for millennials, there are tons of wine tours and tastings available in many places. With apps like Groupon and Living Social, you can find some great prices for wine events! Sometimes you may even come across an event that is introducing things such as wine, cheeses, chocolates, cookies, and more!

The “Meet-Up” App
Okay, so at first I was kind of reluctant to try this app, but this past Spring I spent my spring break with my beau and my future in-laws and got kind of desperate in finding something for all of us to do with the significant age gap between us. One of my good friends suggested this app to me and once I finally downloaded it, I have been hooked ever since. There are literally “meet-ups” for all types of things. One thing that stood out in particular was there were lots of “beginner” classes for new things such as stepping, ballroom, and salsa classes that I have always wanted to try right here in my area! The next awesome thing about the different meet-ups was that a lot of them were free or super affordable to participate in. It is definitely a must-try for your Summer date night.

Adult Camp
Yes, you read it right. Adult camp. Camping for adults. If your parents were anything like mine coming up, camp was not happening. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to worry about that anymore! There are adult camps for the 21+ crowd that happen in the Summer and run all the way through the Fall! Camps like Soul Camp, which is alcohol free and focuses on yoga, and mind, body, and soul OR camps like Camp No Counselors and Camp Grounded which incorporate cocktails, parties, and outdoor fun are all available to you and your partner!

Take a Hike!
No, literally. Take a hike. Get some air. I was never the outdoorsy girl, but after being a stay-at-home Mom, I now understand the value of getting out and getting some air. If you are just needing a quick getaway during the morning or afternoon, that is also budget friendly find a nearby trail or park to explore. It’s good to get in tune with nature every so often. and other sites you can find via your preferred search engines can help you locate many different trails in your area and beyond.
Pick Your Own Fruit
I honestly didn’t even know that things such as fruit, vegetable, and honey festivals existed until I got to college. They’re really real! It’s very important to always take care of your body and what you put in it. As young couples, we tend to forget the importance of good fruit and vegetables. This is also a budget-friendly and good daytime getaway.  Sites such as Pick Your Own can help you find different local farms and festivals in your area to go and harvest your own fruits and veggies! You can even find places that sell fruit trees to plant or gift to someone.

DIY At-Home Theatre Night
There is totally a way to make your at-home movie experience different! Thanks to Pinterest and some of my college friends investing in projectors instead of flat screens, movies at home just got ten times better. Here is a DIY projector tutorial that costs less than $5. You can also create your own at-home concession stand with some of your favorite snacks! This is perfect for my fellow tv show bingers because shows like Orange is the New Black and Devious Maids are coming back in June!

YouTube Couple Challenges
This is so fun you guys. There are challenges on Youtube just for you and #Bae! Seriously, this makes for great fun on a random Summer night when you don’t feel like leaving the house. Challenges such as “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge, and “Try to Make Me Laugh” are for sure things you can do to get some bonding time in. Camera shy? You don’t even have to upload them to the internet! Just try them in the privacy of your own home and have a blast.

Create a Memory Journal
I know, not everyone is into writing, but this is a genuinely fun task to do when you’ve transitioned out of the honeymoon phase. With hashtags such as #WATTBA (“what a time to be alive”), we have to step outside of our technology addictions and get back into the habit of taking and printing pictures. Look around your place. Do you have recent pictures up of you and your love? Okay, now look at your phone, how many pictures of you to in your gallery and on social media? Exactly. Don’t let those memories fade into the black. Keep them! You can find notebooks and scrapbooks anywhere, and then find some cool decor at select craft stores. It is a great way to document your Summer dates and look back on the memories later!

Never forget to keep dating. We live in a time where we work so much and let so many outside influences come in and make us forget that at the end of the day, we come home and have each other. If you claim you don’t have time to do things anymore, find and make time.

We need our love to thrive. Date, date, date!

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