Brown Love Stories: Anabellys and Alex

by Keila Dumas
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Meet Anabellys and Alex, a couple that represents the Quirky Brown Love movement to the fullest. 

They are Floridians by way of New York who are currently living in Tennessee. Alex is currently active in the Army, and Anabellys is a fellow Yogi who enjoys reading, shopping, and watching tutorials.

Together they learn new things and work towards being back in Florida near the beaches! I am always inspired by their love and am so thankful that they took the time to sit down with me and share their story! Being that we are a couple states away from each other now, our sit-down was more of a good catching up via iPhone, lol. Check out our Q&A session and check out their awesome date night drink recipe!

A little background story on the two: They met in high school through mutual friends, communicated and hung out off and on for a few years before making it official in 2012 before Alex’s first deployment. They tied the knot two years later and the story continues to build every single day!

What makes you two the perfect match for each other?
We consider ourselves perfect opposites. We compliment each other in many ways. We both have the same sense of humor. When Alex is being stiff and serious I'm there to mellow him out. We both equally enjoy spending time together and both make an effort to try and stay as corny and young as possible. Impromptu date nights, movie nights etc! When I'm losing all control and having worries he is always there staying calm in any scenario.Having an anxiety disorder he has been there beside me without ever once complaining or passing judgement. We love hard every day.

Name each other’s biggest quirks that you love/appreciate.
I appreciate his sense of humor first and foremost. If you can't make me laugh you have no chance. I enjoy his selflessness when it comes to being there for me no questions asked. He's been loyal since day one and has never made me question his faithfulness. He's very gentle and calm and never loses his cool. He's always been respectful and had treated others how he likes to be treated. Not to mention him being a complete gentleman without me ever having to ask.
I love her craziness and unpredictability. Sense of humor is big for the both of us so that is high up there with me. I like that you can go along with my stupidness and let me be myself. You're supportive and caring of me and everything I want to do. She's also goal oriented which is hard to find nowadays.

Biggest piece of advice that you both swear by in your relationship?
Always always be honest. Always be each other's best friend. Never do anything to compromise the trust that has been built and also never forget to always laugh together. Life's too short to be miserable with one another. Be each other's best part of the day.

Favorite date night activity? 
We wish we had a better answer to this question but we are extremely cliche in the fact that we just enjoy going out to eat over everything. We pick a restaurant and run out with the quickness. Later on we like to listen to music on our speakers while drinking some wine or watching a movie.

How would you describe each other to other people? 
I'd describe him as a handsome, hard working, and hot. He has the cutest freaking smile I've ever seen and I melt every time he gets home from work. He's a low key nerd that is also goofy ninety percent of the time. He may seem kind of stiff in public, but that’s just the Capricorn in him.

I’d describe her as the biggest pain in the .... that I could never live without. She is literally everything I'm not. She's the most beautiful, and loving person I know. She's perfectly imperfect and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Alex and Anabellys leave us with a date night drink that is perfect for summer. Enjoy!
Adult Root Beer Floats

  • -Tall glass
  • -Ice
  • -Rumchata
  • -Root Beer

Add ice and Rumchata to glass and top with root beer. Enjoy!

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