Morning Rituals For The Dimensional Carefree Black Women

by StephRoyalty
Good Morning Carefree Black Girl! 

Rituals, we all have them in our own way whether it’s grabbing an iced latte right before work every Thursday, or even wearing your lucky socks on game night! I’m a huge believer of starting your morning off right, so here are some morning rituals that will help you have a productive day!

For the Spiritual Quirky Soul
There is nothing better than waking up 20-30 minutes earlier to start your day off with a prayer. Prayer helps center most people, it gives you that moment of complete silence that you rarely get throughout the day. Whether you want to say a prayer, or take a moment to find your inner peace try this ritual out and see if it helps clear your mind before a long day.
Bryanda's Note: I just started using Verse by Verse on YouTube and it definitely helps to here someone read the bible. 

For the Quirky Boss Lady
You being the boss adds a whole nother level of stress to your life. The one ritual you can start is looking at your planner every morning so that you have an idea of what your day looks like before you hit the office. I know a lot of people who don’t know what their day will look like until they step into the office and it’s honestly so much better to know what you have ahead of you in advance! Spend ten minutes before you leave maybe while you’re eating breakfast to look through your schedule maybe add in a lunch date, maybe schedule some gym time! If you’re in need of an app to get your schedule in order try Calendars in the Apple apps store.

For my Quirky Naturalista
Source: Michelene J (go follow her asap!)
There’s nothing like popping curls in the morning! Curls looking a little dry and flat? For a quick morning ritual a quick couple of sprays of leave in conditioner will give your hair the moisture that it needs! Try using a leave in conditioner at least three mornings a week and see the difference in your curls! Did I mention you can make a leave in conditioner from the products you probably have in your kitchen right now?

For my Quirky Yoga Lovers
Yoga fires up your prefrontal cortex which is your brain people! Why not start the day off a little smarter than you were? Yoga 2-3 mornings out the week can relieve so much stress and mentally help you jump start your day! Looking for some good free Yoga apps? Try Simply Yoga, it comes with a personal trainer on the app! Down Dog and and Daily Yoga are also some great apps to try out.

For my Quirky Athletic Sisters
Yes I completely get it you don’t have time to hit the gym before sitting in that rush hour traffic! With technology being at the palm of your hands no need to leave the house in order to get a workout in! There are so many workouts you can do in the a.m. right in your living room, so why not start the day off energized?! Here are some apps you can check out: Sworkit is one of my favorites super easy to use and a variety of workouts to choose from! Also check out Daily Workouts it comes with a personal trainer via the app.

For my Quirky Traditionalist
Now this ritual may be something small, but it’s something that I find a lot of people don’t do anymore. Cook yourself a great breakfast at least twice a week. Too many of us are running off to work/school without having a nutritious meal in the a.m. Make it a ritual that twice a week you’re putting some bacon on that grill or even making yourself your favorite breakfast smoothie! Pinterest has awesome breakfast smoothie ideas by the way!

What are some of your morning rituals?

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