Happy Women Fall In Love With The Good Guy

by I’esha “GaptoothDiva” Hornes
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I used to pick the Bad guy to fall in love with all the time. 

Mostly, because of other people's opinions, his status, his potential, or other superficial/shallow reasons I can't remember. There are so many attractive people out there, many of them established and successful, stylish, financially stable, and a gentleman. However, many of these "good guys" look great on paper, but a couple of dates in, you realize that all that glitters isn't even fake gold. That Prince Charming sometimes turns out to really be a frog. He may be fine, but he's a jerk. He may have a great career/financial situation, but he lacks any type of communication skills. He may be a gentleman, but he's a seriously disturbed Momma's boy. So, how does a woman fall in love with the authentic Good guy?

I fell in love with a guy that didn't dress as sharp when we first met. This guy wasn't on the fast track to CEO or a Multi-million dollar inheritance, as he didn't come from the best of childhoods. My husband was by no means a rich person, but he had so much quality in his character that I knew he was the one. At some point, you have to determine what your "deal-breakers" are and what you're willing to cultivate with the potential love of your life for the sake of… actual love.

The real good guys are often overlooked. Between social media and mainstream entertainment (dating shows), most people are led to believe that success, finances, and status trump all else. However, it's the most unexpected guy, the guy with nothing but faith, manners, and integrity, that turns out to be our King. If we pay attention, we won't miss it and we end up falling in love. Looking beyond the superficial, we could very well fall in love with the Good guy and end up being the happiest we've ever imagined.

A Guy That Treats You like The Queen You Are
It's not antiquated to believe that my guy should open the door for me, pull out my chair at the dinner table, and walk closer to the curb when we're on the street. It's these ideas that show how much of a gentleman he is, and I like that. However, for those new age women who could care less about that, a guy should still treat you like a queen.

The Good guy wants the best for you, no matter what. He understands that you are his woman, and your well-being should be just as important to him as it is to you. Despite knowing that there are billions of beautiful women in the world, when the good guy is with you, he makes you feel like the only woman in the world. He admires you and the qualities that even you overlook on the daily. The Good guy isn't worried about ego when it comes to loving you, he always brings twice as much to the table than the average person, and that's why it's so easy to love him in return.

A Guy That's Willing to Commit to You and Your Well-Being
The Good Guy always knows what he wants. With this type of person, you are never wondering where you are in your relationship unless you've never tried to have that conversation. However, once you do, this type of guy makes it plain where he would like things to go. There aren't any doubts in your love. You don't have to go through the painful and embarrassing task of having to refer to him as "bae" because he wants to "keep things on the low". The Good guy can take a picture, post it on social media and tag you and him as together in a relationship because he's that committed.

In your relationship, a bright future is a possibility with the Good guy. He knows that your relationship isn't a game or a joke, and he takes it seriously. You aren't concerned about his whereabouts or who he's with when you're not together. The good guy ensures that nothing looks shady or questionable on his end so that you can spend more time enjoying your love rather than waiting for the inevitable end.

As things grow, your lives can begin to merge together. The Good guy introduces you to his family, his friends, and the people most important in his life. The good guy isn't labeling you as "friends" if you are much more than that and have agreed to be a couple The Good guy is committed to you and makes moves to establish that with you. There is no chasing or hunting down a love like this, it's the happiest feeling ever.

A Guy That Can Stimulate Your Mind & Heart
I love the fact that my guy makes me think. He's always opening my mind up to new ideas and concepts, that most of the time I haven't even thought about. I also love that when I bring something new to the table, he takes an interest in it as well. We intellectually feed each other. The good guy is always open to stimulating your mind. The good guy is awesome at making you feel even more special and he puts effort into ensuring that you both are on a path of growth and progression in your lives.

The good guy is willing to help you develop your talents and actually wants to see you fulfilled in your gifts. The good guy is supportive but also helpful in your life, which makes him a great friend more than anything. The good guy makes you feel like you're not living your life alone, that you have someone by your side to go through all of life's he ups and down.

Overall when it comes to being with the Good guy, it isn't so much what he does for a living, how much money he makes (or has the potential to make), nor is it about his looks or style. When it comes down to finding happiness with that Good guy, it's about how much of a great friend he can be outside of anything else.

If this guy that you are falling for can show that he's committed to you, can stimulate your mind and heart, and treat you wonderfully, then you will find yourself a happy woman in the love department. All the other obstacles, depending on what they are, can be worked out if you are willing.

From my experiences, it was the good guys that were often overlooked because they lacked drama and danger, which turned out to be the best ones to fall in love with. It seems that society paints this picture of the perfect man for women, and he's nothing like the simple, fun, loving, and strong man that makes us happy. The happy women fall in love with the good guy, meaning the guy that is good for us. Like healthy food and exercise, the guy that is only going to make us a better person, not just a woman with a man.

We just have to learn to give the good guy a chance to show us, happy love is just around the corner.

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