These Black Nomads Are Redefining the Rules of Travel

by Stephanie Fields
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When I was in the 9th grade I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I distinctly remember saying, “I don’t know, I just know I want to travel.” 

Somewhere between then and now I haven’t quite lived up to that dream. Travelling alone as a black woman was a concern that grew into a fear, but thanks to the following women I’ve reunited with my Wanderlust.

Lee Litumbe
Following Lee Litumbe on Instagram (@spiritedpursuit) will give you serious travel fever. She is the force behind the gorgeous beach and documentary photos of her trips to Haiti, New Orleans, and beyond. While managing to share her own love for travel Litumbe also runs SpiritedPursuit, a platform for fellow travelers to share their “individual perspectives” and experiences with of cultures and destinations across the globe.
Evita Turquoise Robinson
(Evita Robinson,!bio/c786)
Evita is the founder of NomadnessTV, a tribe for the urban traveler. This is not your conventional travel site; with over 10,00 online social community members, Nomadness TV is where you’ll find stories, advice, and personal experiences on travelling abroad. You can follow Evita and her Nomadness crew on the Issa Rae produced web-series, The NOMADNESS project.
Jelisa is not only an advocate of solo travel, she also runs Travel for the Low, an inspirational guide for “fellow millennials to rethink how we view travel.” Travel for the Low not only inspires the wanderlust in 20-30 something travelers, but the site also shows millennials how to do it without draining your funds on overpriced tour packages and marketing schemes. Jelissa is a champion of the introverted traveler saving money, and making it, along the way.
(Sasha-Marie Marshall)
Sasha-Marie is the multilingual YouTuber showcasing the multiple ways to not only travel to a new country, but fully immerse yourself in the culture. Marshall has lived in Spain, Italy, and Korea. She reveals her journeys in vlogs as well as honest videos explaining her experiences with travelling as a black woman. Marshall inspires the fun in living and working abroad.
Jo is ½ of the travel duo, Damon and Jo. The two millennial travelers run a YouTube page and site, Shut up and Go, that is a modern take on the travel channel and a push to forget your hangups about travelling and explore. While Damon and Jo offer tips on how to finance trips and show the the incredible exciting upsides to travelling, Jo also reveals her experiences exploring the world as a black woman.

These women are dismantling the stereotypes of travel. Not only are they illustrating that it is possible for black women to travel, sometimes without a group, but they are breaking the financial barriers that often keep people from exploring the world. These are the new faces of travel.

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