This Is Also Black: Amina Mucciolo, Mermaid Fashionista

There are so many stereotypes that try to define what it means to be a Black person in America. 

Society tries to limit the way that Black women dress. Music videos would have you believe that Black women all wear tight clothes and have dark hair. Amina Mucciolo pushes these limits with her "Mermaid Fashion" by rocking pastel colors and sparkles and also by doting beautifully colored braids. I'm sure that some people would call her an oreo or try to say that her style is reserved for a person of a different ethnicity; however, this woman is fiercely Black and the world absolutely loves it. Even Jessica Alba stopped her to take a picture with her for her daughter!

The 30-something year old has publicly opened up about her struggle with depression and bulimia and encourages others through her quirky personality to believe in themselves. Mucciolo is also the founder of Studio Mucci, a shop that sells pinatas and other luxury handmade goods.

Amina Mucciolo is a prime example of a multidimensional Black woman. She definitely has not let society's stereotypes define who she is.

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