The Melanated Bosses Series: Amber Ogunsola

Inspired from the "Melanated Goddesses" movement, I present to you the Melanated Bosses Series: a series highlighting young, brown woman bosses from all over. Meet Amber Ogunsola of Gxld Room.
1. For those who don't know, please tell us about your entrepreneurial ventures!
I recently graduated from Clark Atlanta University in May 2015 and when I could not get a job right out of college I took a leap of faith and decided to start my own business. I initially did this to earn some extra cash while I looked for a job, but thankfully it seems as if Gxld Room has taken a life of its own and is here to stay for a long time.

2. What is a typical business day like for you?
My brand is very social media driven, so a typical day for me is posting content on my social media platforms that appeals to my audience. Communicating with my customers through email when they have inquiries or general questions dealing with their orders. I also research trends and hot topics in the black community to stay on top of the news because my brand is targeted to black women and other women of color.
3. Did you experience any unforeseen struggles when starting your business? 
Yes! I did not save up any money before starting Gxld Room, so when I made my first order that was the first time my company saw any money. So unlike other companies who had saved up thousands of dollars before they started their brand I literally started from the bottom with only my social media marketing skills as a lever to help me to gain sales and reach my target audience.
4.What inspires you to keep going?
Black women inspire me to keep going. We have so much strength and resilience that it motivates me to be better everyday. When I read up on stories of Ava DuVernay, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bree Newsome, Angie Nwandu, Misty Copeland, Zendaya Coleman, Karen Civil, Siza Mzimela, Mae Carol Jemison, Harriet Tubman and Zora Neale Hurston, I feel empowered and a deep connection to them and who they are as people.
5. What's next on your business agenda?Are you planning to expand?
Next on the agenda is the release of more products. This summer I plan to release gold bracelets for the first time and also curve hugging dresses. I am having so much fun testing out products right now. As far as expanding, I hope to reach my audience more in the online world.
6. How did you determine your personal style/your brand?
I am still discovering my personal style at the moment. In the past it has been unconventional but recently I have been a bit more conservative. With the daily inspiration that I receive from Gxld Room, I plan on taking my style to the next level to be more fearless with my fashion choices. My brand Gxld Room is the exact opposite of me. It is very trendy and a little more fashion forward, which I planned for it to be.
7. Do you have any quirky characteristics that you believe make you unique?
My quirky characteristic that makes me unique is the fact that I sort of have social anxiety from time to time. Which I believe was the reason that I initially became interested in social media marketing in college. It allows me to interact with people through a computer instead of in person. I know that this is not always the best route to take but I am working on becoming more of an in-person networker. I know that this is going to take some getting used to for me lol!

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