The Podcast Hashtags + Stilettos Is Perfect For The Millennial Businesswoman

by StephRoyalty
Stop talking yourself out of SHIT! That was the title of the first podcast I listened to from Hashtags + Stilettos by Sakita Holley. 

This talk spoke to my soul because I used to miss out on so many opportunities because, I always found myself slowly talking myself out of them because of fear! "If someone wants to tell you no, they don't need your help! They are going to do it regardless. Don't help them." I replayed that quote three times in a row. If someone is going to say no, DON’T help them. How easy is that? I think we are all guilty of letting fear stop us from being the incredible creatures we were meant to be. She also provided 4 easy steps to stopping ourselves from talking ourselves out of great opportunities.

I'll let you listen to those steps here: Episode 12
Hashtags and Stilettos provides amazing business and lifestyle insight from a savvy publicists opinion. She tackles topics such as, should you be paying influencers for instagram posts? Saying no w/o ruining a business relationship and my second favorite podcast of hers, "Lessons I've learned from being a terrible negotiator." Her podcast is a breath of fresh air and super informative. If you're looking for some business tips/inspiration this is an amazing podcast to take a look into. Did I mention she's funny as hell!??

Catch her here:

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