Breaking Stereotypes: "Black People Don't Marry"

by Samantha Shaw
There are several brown brothers and sisters that have tied the knot, and the rumor that we don’t progress further than the “shacking up stage” is the furthest thing from the truth. 

Sometimes it seems as if I can’t get through a social media feed without seeing a baby bump and a wedding ring from one of my former high-school/college peers. The 2009 statistics stating that 70% of black women will never marry is quite distorted and was based on a pool of women in their mid to late twenties.
Recently, I came across an insightful video via Facebook created by the ATTN: and it tastefully showed that there is nothing to fret over. ATTN:’s findings stated that 75% of black women are married by age 35, and black women with Master’s degrees are TWICE as likely to be wifed - and when I say wifed I mean the ring, not just the title. If you don’t have a personal “I can’t believe they’re still married moment” every once in awhile, check out some of our favorite familiar faces below.


Also, make sure to check out the video below:

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