Lessons Every Creative Entrepreneur Can Learn From Kanye West's Album Name Changes

Many people have a love/hate relationship with Kanye West because of some of his public outbursts. Whether you like the man or not, there is no denying that he is a business mastermind and creative genius. 

Kanye is set to release his new album on Feb 11th and the rumors have been confirmed that he will be debuting the album with a show in Madison Square Garden that same day, during New York Fashion Week. The journey to name this album, which will be dropping in the next two weeks, has been an ever-changing one with Kanye changing the name of his album in public at least three times. The name of the album was first set to be called So Help Me God  in May 2015:
Earlier this week, Kanye announced a new name of the album by posting a picture of his tracklist on Twitter:
Now only two weeks away from the set release date, a third album title, Waves was sent out to the public:
A few critics asked why Kanye West released album titles so publicly before deciding on one. I personally think that this was a great marketing strategy. Kanye has been in the game for so long now, so trust and believe that he knows exactly what he is doing. Every creative entrepreneur should take a page from his book. Here are a few lessons that every business owner can learn from West's three public album changes:

1. Create buzz around your product.
People are definitely more in tune to Kanye West's album release now that he has publicly changed the name several times. By doing this, Kanye kept his album in your mind. He took you behind the scene of his process, he showed you his human side and he kept you wanting more. This is exactly what creative entrepreneurs should be doing. Announce your new project before it is completely finished, stay transparent with your ideal clients and put out just enough to keep them wanting to know what's coming next.

2. Don't be afraid to jump because you are worried about imperfection.
You can bet that the new Kanye album won't be anything short from perfect, but the point is that he hasn't let the process of getting to perfect deter him from dropping an album. So many creatives say that the reason that they haven't produced any new products or any new content on their websites is because they overthink things and want everything to be perfect. Stop letting fear get in the way of your growth. Sometimes you have to jump before your mind thinks that you are ready.

3. Get a second and third opinion. Collaborate.

Kanye gave us insight about his "squad" by posting these pictures on Twitter. If someone like Kanye West enlists a crew of creatives to help him with his projects, what makes you think that you should be handling your business by yourself? The saying "it takes a village" absolutely also pertains to a successful business. Get yourself a business coach, hire some contributors and outsource when you need to. Investing in help is a worthy business expense.

4. Evolve
Between January 25th and January 27th, Swish evolved from 10 tracks to Wave, an 11 track album with 3 acts. In. Two. Days. As an entrepreneur, you should constantly be thinking about how to evolve your products. Notice, I didn't say that you should be creating completely new products. If you have great ideas that people have responded to, don't feel like you have to create a completely new product to keep them interested. Think  iPhone 1 to iPhone 6; basically the same product but definitely completely evolved.

5. Stay confident in your product.
Trust that you know what you are doing. No matter how many times that you have to take your brand or products back to the drawing board, know that you can and will prevail. Don't listen to the naysayers. Believe in your hustle as much as Kanye believes in Kanye:

Can you identify an area in your business or life that could use some of this Kanye confidence?

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