How To Create Your Carefree Black Girl Haven at Home

Living with a guy has both its advantages and disadvantages. Matt and I have spent most of our 4 year relationship living together, whether it be his college apartment, my dorm room and now our apartment that we've had for about a year and a half. During that time, I've continued to live my life as a minimalist. A messy minimalist to be completely honest, but I definitely don't have as much stuff as Matt. Matt's belongings could easily take over our entire 700 sq ft apartment and has already taken up our outdoor storage closet. Case and point:

That used to be my desk. And I'll only take partial responsibility for this impressive beer collection. Only partial.

Needless to say, I needed a space of my own that wasn't contaminated with manliness. A girl cave. Better yet, a carefree black girl haven where I can actually get work done. Here are the tips that I used to develop my haven at home:
1. Carve out a space in your home
I realized that despite what society thinks, I really don't need a dining room table at this point in my life. Most of my meals are eaten in my living room when I'm watching TV or in the middle of writing. I took this wasted space and turned it into my space. I made a makeshift window seat by putting two 3-cube bookshelves on their sides (I purchased them from Walmart) and for the "cushions", I just bought two throw blankets from Target and folded them to fit. For the pillows, I bought pillowcases for a few dollars on Amazon and covered up old pillows. Cheap and easy.
2. Keep your notebooks handy
Having a space of your own is bound to keep you inspired. I keep at least two notebooks and a calendar planner on me for any new ideas that pop up.
3. Surround yourself with art that inspires you
An artist that has really been inspiring me is Alana Ladson. I stumbled across her originally in her feature in Essence Magazine and then reached out to her about a few of her pieces. The piece that I have hanging on my wall is The Fine Princess. Alana's artwork inspires me because of the quality of each piece and the attention to detail that is displayed within all of her work. At only $15-$20 per piece, I plan to buy a full collection of her work to finish decorating my CFBG haven. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from her Etsy shop:
1. Butterflies III- Buy Here
2. The Revolution... - Buy Here
3. Retro Synchronized Swimming- Buy Here
4. Elegance (Mature)- Buy Here
5. Rose Twins- Buy Here
Have you carved out a haven in your home?

*A special thanks to Alana Ladson for collaborating with me on this post! Alana Ladson Art is a small Black-owned business that you should definitely support.

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