Meet The Courageous Contributors Who Are Helping Necole Kane Shape xoNecole's Voice
Necole Kane shocked the whole Black community last year when she decided to put an end to her popular online publication, Necole Bitchie. Necole Bitchie was the place that many Black women went to get their celebrity gossip fix; however after almost eight successful and very profitable years, Kane called it quits to build a more positive brand, xoNecole.

Women were drawn to Necole Bitchie not only because it provided the most up-to-date gossip about celebrities, but because of Necole Kane herself. She has the most inspirational story of going from jobless to being her own boss and her vulnerability is her biggest selling point. After Kane declared the end of her popular media site in July 2015, many were left with the question of what would come next.

Not many people can walk away from an eight year money making machine, but Necole decided that her happiness didn't have a price.
Nobody could have imagined the success that Necole is having with her rebranding through xoNecole and I'm sure that the road has not been easy. Behind the success of xoNecole are several contributors that believed in Necole's vision before it was an online visual publication. Meet the lovely bloggers who are writing your favorite xoNecole articles below*:

Necole Kane
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Necole Kane is the Editor-In-Chief and brainchild behind After walking away from her celebrity gossip blog,, Necole spends her time creating new ways to empower women and encourage them to live in purpose. 
Kiah McBride
Managing Editor
Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL
Kiah McBride is a writer and the Managing Editor at xoNecole. A self-proclaimed nomad with a passport full of stamps, Kiah is always in search of new experiences and new narratives to pen using the art of storytelling. Make sure to check out her blog, Write On by Kiah.

Joy Stokes
Hometown: Beaumont, TX
Joy Stokes is a wife, mother, a freelance writer, #foodporn addict, Navy veteran, and a screenwriter. You can find more of her work on her personal blog, Mom&Cultured.

Erica Nichole
Love & Relationship Editor
Hometown: New York
Erica Nichole is a proud Afro-Cuban mother of two who believes God is a woman, makes unapologetic decisions over red wine, and lives by Anaïs Nin quotes. She believes she'll be Erykah Badu in her next lifetime, but is content as a writer for the time being. Catch her on her award-winning blog, Everything EnJ

Soraya Joseph
Entertainment Editor
Soraya "Sojo" Joseph is a Haitian-American, journalism graduate and proud "shero!" In her own words, her hustle can be summed up as: "Writing, hosting, and doing the most-ing!" Former radio intern turned all-around media maven, Soraya was recognized last year as one of the top 19 "Women in Media" by iHeart Media & Power 105.1 (along with xoCEO Necole Kane), and was the youngest on the list. She is the former “Content Manager” of turned “Entertainment Editor” for xoNecole, as well as a radio personality for Desert Storm’s ‘We Are the Inner Circle’ show. Last year, Soraya partnered up with MTV2 and The Breakfast Club's "Cthagod" to launch his personal site and help build his digital brand: "I believe when there are no opportunities, you should create one." --Soraya

Brittani Hunter
Business/Career Editor
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Brittani Hunter, also known as The Mogul Millennial, shares information on business, entrepreneurship, personal branding, and career tips for Millennials. Brittani motivates Millennials to live their lives purposefully, and to live out their dreams by providing inspirational and informative content.
Favorite xoNecole Article: 6 Business Rules For Alpha Women

Zon D’Amour
Features/Interviews Contributor
Hometown: New Orleans (currently residing in Los Angeles)
Zon D'Amour is a Howard University alum and the founder of AimerAmour Magazine, a publication that focuses on entrepreneurship and entertainment. Her work can be found all around the net, including on CocoaFab and The Los Angeles Sentinel.  

Tweety Elitou
Beauty/Fashion Contributor
Hometown: Philadelphia  (currently residing in New York)
Tweety Elitou is a #phillyjawn in the NYC that loves to dress "writer's chic". Armed with her bouncy curls, a tablet, and a pair of fly #23's, she is always ready to write about the art of fashion, true beauty and the power of being a girl for xoNecole and other publications.
Favorite xoNecole Article: My Culture is Not Your Costume

Toya Sharee
Relationship Contributor
Hometown: Philadelphia
Toya Sharee is a Philly-based writer who's contributed to Madamenoire and Bustle and breaks down the blunt truth on her blog Bullets And Blessings. This self-admitted sex-ed geek can usually be found writing something sarcastic, listening to hip-hop and stalking Janelle Monae's closet.

Sheriden Garrett
Sex Contributor
Hometown: Atlanta
"Twenty-something writer and lover of all things visual art. Burger and Beyonce enthusiast. Willow Smith is her spirit animal, Rihanna is her relationship goals. When she isn't writing about sex and love on xoNecole, she can be found blogging about her life on her personal lifestyle blog The Indie Byline. And on Wednesdays, she wears black."

Shelby Ivey Christie
Career/Inspiration Contributor

Hometown: New York
Shelby shares info + inspo that helps millennials dream big + work smart via her website She's an Accessories Intern at InStyle Magazine, Founder of the collegiate, women's career-readiness organization @BombshellsinBiz, an avid tee shirt enthusiast + functioning shoe addict.

Alexandra Douby
Stylist / Content Producer
Hometown: Brooklyn
Raised by Haitian immigrants, Born in Brooklyn, NY Alexandra had to learn how to reconcile the two cultures. What resulted was an extraordinary individual who embraced both cultures while making an undeniable statement through her style, "Androgynous Douby" was born. "Wearing mens clothes makes me feel powerful while adding women clothes for the feminine feel."

Charmaine Simmons
Beauty/Style Contributor
Hometown: Chicago
Charmaine Simmons is a Chicago native who loves to write about beautiful things. When she is not writing, Charmaine can be found online shopping for makeup and shoes, wanderlusting over destination vacations, and trying to make her dreams a reality.
Favorite xoNecole Article: Confession: I Am Afraid of Being Happy

Rebekah Letch
Wellness Contributor
Hometown: New York
Rebekah is an avid Yogi, Ballerina and Latin Dancer and also a graduate of The Juilliard School and NYU. She is also the Co-Owner of Radha Beauty Products -The best selling Natural beauty brand on

McKenzie Renae
Beauty/Fashion Contributor
Hometown: Dallas (currently residing in Atlanta)
McKenzie Renae is a sought after beauty, style and natural hair maven. Featured in major publications such as Seventeen, Allure and Ebony Magazine, McKenzie Renae has quickly evolved from her humble beginnings to becoming an authority in beauty news and product reviews, natural hair, style and makeup advice. She also blogs at McKenzie Renae.
Favorite xoNecole ArticleBold & Beautiful: How to Rock A Black Lip

Make sure to check out the xoNecole website for a complete list of staff and, of course, your favorite reads.

* Information taken from the xoNecole website

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