Boos, Burgers, and Booze: Our Date Night Recipe for Success

by Keila Dumas
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When my boyfriend and I met back in 2012, we were both vegan, both using Tom’s toothpaste, organic soaps, and both big fans of liquor. It seemed like the perfect formula to a great friendship. 

Date nights were effortless. However, three years, a title, and a baby later, things have changed. Most importantly, our diets have changed. When I got pregnant last year, my cravings and aversions were LIT (Did I use that right?). My biggest craving? Meat. My biggest turn-off? Vegetables. Luckily, my beau was super supportive of my new diet, but unfortunately it really changed his own. Fast-forward some more, our daughter arrived in September, which meant we went through three major foodie holidays and five opportunities to drink lots of liquor. Then, the New Year approached and we decided we were going to “transition” back to our healthy eating lifestyle. What seemed like a great idea at the time warranted a week of arguments.

You know women are very specific, lol. When you use words like transition, we go by the Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word and that’s what it is. However, to men, specifically my boyfriend Tim, “transition” meant “GO BACK TO BEING VEGAN COLD TURKEY.” He really tried it, y’all. How was date night going to happen once a week if we spent most of it arguing over what we were going to eat together?! This is when we learned the ART of compromise and the lifesaver known as the Internet. If you want longevity (and to stop arguing over food), bending is key. Don’t be afraid to give in or try something new, ever. You really never know what you might end up liking...or loving!

We decided to take a different approach to something we both loved to eat. BURGERS. For those that know me, they know that I love anything beef, and anything I can put toppings on. I’ve had plenty of plenty of meatless “burgers” before, but nothing seemed to be more filling, healthy, convenient and as fun to make as black bean burgers.

So here’s a recipe for Black Bean Burgers, and since I’m a bartender, I’ve included the recipe to Tim and I’s new favorite drink below! We hope you all enjoy it. Here’s to many more date nights and lots of love! -K

Keila and Tim’s Green Goblin

  • 2oz Ciroc Apple
  • 1oz Apple Schnapps
  • Lime Juice (Splash)
  • Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Mix Ciroc, Schnapps, lime juice with ice. Shake 2-3 times. Pour into glass and top with ginger beer. Garnish with green apple slice, ginger root or lime. Drink up!

Keila is the writer behind the blog It's Pronounced Kayla. Make sure to follow her blog on Twitter and Instagram.

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