Cooking With Real Butter Because You Can't Bootleg Everything in Life

December 28, 2015
A few nights ago, I was cooking a recipe that required real butter. Growing up in my household, we never used real butter unless someone was baking a pound cake. We used non-dairy butter spread, not because we were blatantly lactose-intolerant, but because it was cheap and came in large quantities. For many years, when people referred to butter, that's what I pictured. In my mind, there was nothing distinguishable between real butter and fake butter, because well...I had never tried real butter.

16 Real Ways To Be a Better Person in 2016

December 24, 2015
While everyone else is putting together their New Year's Resolution, I challenge you to develop a new mantra for your spirit. Most resolutions have something to do with the physical body; however, I think that it is most important to focus on the inner body. Here are 16 ideas of how to be an overall better person in 2016 and beyond:

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