Quirky, Brown Chick: Tamanika

October 29, 2015
quirky definition
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the modern definition of quirky through the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Tamanika of A Fendi Bag With a Bad Attitude.
1. How would you describe your personal style?
I'd say it was a twist of everything New York has to offer (style, attitude, fierce'ness). New York Chic!

Black People Are Drowning As We Speak

October 26, 2015
Clandestine Film by Stuart Gatt
You hear a headline that says "Black People Are Drowning", what are your first thoughts? You probably think about how sad it is and then try to figure out where these Black people are drowning. After you realize that the Black people are drowning thousands of miles away from your hometown in the Mediterranean, you are probably still horrified, that is, until something funny comes across your timeline.

Whether you are still thinking about it or not, these Black people are still drowning.

One Year of Quirky, Brown Love

October 22, 2015
My, oh my. What an amazing year it has been.

When I first started Quirky, Brown Love, I had no idea that it would grow into what it is now. I started writing because I wanted to provide a platform for the quirky people of color in our world.  Quirky, being the keyword. I was tired of reading eccentric love stories that were only written about White couples and on the other hand, I was also tired of only seeing Black love stories that are riddled with baby mama drama and infidelity. From my initial concept of feature real brown love stories, I have expanded the blog to cover issues affecting the Black community, a little bit of travel, and even some insight on my relationship.
I have been so fortunate to have great success with my blog this year, but every blogger starts from humble beginnings. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Quirky, Brown Chick: Victoria Mason

October 22, 2015
Quirky Definition
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the modern definition of quirky through the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Victoria of The Budget Divaa.
Purple Lipstick, Denim Button Up, Hat, Black Tutu, Strappy Heels

1. How would you describe your personal style?
It's honestly so hard for me to describe my personal style as one day I can be dressed up like a girly princess & the next I'll be dressed as this edgy, mysterious girl in all neutrals. Overall what draws me to every single item that I purchase is that it's either a staple or it's unique like myself. I love being able to find something that most may not think would be cute & then twist it so that it's chic & fashionable. That being said, I'm all about pushing the envelope with my style, so sometimes I'm right on trend while other times I'm mixing things up with a twist that breaks all the fashion "rules".

7 Black Bloggers Talk Stereotypes That Are Plaguing The Black Community

October 20, 2015
Black Stereotypes
The Black community has faced it's (un)fair share of stereotypes, dating back to pre-slavery days. Due to the powerful effects of negative black stereotpyes, everyday relationships with people of different ethnic backgrounds can be strained before they ever start.Through my Quirky, Brown Chick series, I had the opportunity to talk with a few black bloggers about the stereotypes about the Black community they wish they could destroy:

Lhurve Davies: I wish I could destroy the stereotype that Blacks are inferior, especially Blacks in the so called third world countries.

All of them really, but, to pick just one would be the stereotype that black people don’t read comics or play video games. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m a testament to that. This stereotype gives comic and video game publishers the (poor) excuse to exclude blacks from being on creative teams or not creating black characters in their stories and media. They have the mindset of, “Well if they aren’t reading/playing it, why should we include them?” 

Read Interview: Quirky, Brown Chick: Chazz
Honestly, I'm done with the stereotypes because I feel like that is never going to go away. Honestly, everyone stereotypes everyone nowadays. The changes I am looking for is the fact that their are people out there who actually hate my skin color with a passion. They are so consumed by whats on the outside of me the fail to actually see me. Its scary to know that no matter what room I walk into their is possibly someone who hates my skin color with a passion and they have been raised to think that's okay.
Quirky, Brown Chick: Martha Ngatchu
That Black women are difficult. This is a stereotype I’ve encountered a lot. It’s so irritating! To me it’s a matter of perspective. Black women are labelled difficult, but really all women are difficult. The prejudices and stereotypes perpetuated by our own community mean that a woman of another race will be affectionately called feisty or independent or confident or whatever but a black woman standing up for herself is immediately “difficult” or some other negative connotation. It’s ridiculous. On that same note, I genuinely believe that any person worth your time will be hard work regardless of race. 

Solange Sundays: Lovers in the Parking Lot

October 18, 2015
Solange Knowles
Picture adapted from COMPLEX
For those who are regulars on my blog (first off, thank you!), you know that I am always saying how I wish that all of the Quirky, Brown Chicks of the world could gather together and listen to Solange while drinking craft beer. Well, I am trying to make that dream a reality on QBL with Solange Sundays. For now, I'll call us the 'Quirky, Brown Chick Club", or QBC Club for short. There is only one rule to follow as a part of this clique: on Sundays, we listen to Solange. Cue the Mean Girls Scene!

Lovers in the Parking Lot

Get the T-shirt
Have you checked out my Spreadshirt shop, Quirktastic? One of my favorite t-shirts is the shirt below. If an object could personify a person, this shirt would be it for me. Click here to buy it!
Solange Knowles
Thanks for tuning in this Solange Sunday! You are officially a part of the club. Stay Quirky!

The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

October 17, 2015
Date 53 of 100:
Matt and I have been pretty lazy when it comes to decorating our apartment. During the first year of our lease, we rented furniture and now that we have decided to stay another year, we have yet to spend money on pieces to replace our recent lack of furniture. Decorating a place can be a long and expensive process, which is definitely not my style. Therefore, on one of our date nights, Matt and I decided to put our pennies together and come up with an affordable way to customize our home. What did we come up with? Picture frames! Now, when you walk into our door instead of seeing blank ways, you are greeted with a quirky gallery wall, handpicked with our favorite quotes and pictures. We also added some hilarious frames in our kitchen. Total cost: $10 plus tax (I get to print for free at work). The Dollar Tree has some really high quality looking frames for only $1 each. Frugal DIY people all over the world rejoice!

Frames In The Kitchen
Matt and I definitely have a sense of humor, so when I found these free printables from Marcia Ann Designs, I knew it was a match made in quirky kitchen heaven. 
Kitchen Printables | The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

Whip It Whip It Good
Frames On The Living Room Gallery Wall
The key to a cool gallery wall is to have a mixture of quotes and cool pictures. Matt and I have pretty eclectic personalities, so we made sure to show it on our gallery wall. My favorite pieces are the elephant, the pineapple and this cool Batman printable from The Kiwi In The Clouds.
Gallery Wall Printables | The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

I'm Not Saying I'm Batman Printable

Do you have any inexpensive DIY hacks?

Black Latina Movement: The Colors of Love

October 16, 2015
Black Latina Movement: The Colors of Love

Guest Post by Crystal of Black Latina Movement

The Colors of Love is a multimedia piece that explores so many issues that most couples, not just couples of color, experience. I wrote the play and transformed it into a webseries due to the overwhelming response regarding the relatability of the piece. I wanted the women to hold the leading roles in the plays so I made all 4 of them the protagonist to confront the issues that many women face but often don’t speak about. I discussed topics such as loss of sexual appetite/libido and bending assumed gender roles. Society has created this illusion that women of color love to pop out babies and overpopulate. I intentionally made one of the women (Valerie Pinkette) uninterested in having a baby; she instead wants to focus on her independence and career. Whereas with her husband (Mark Pinkette) unlike the way society portrays men of color is very driven on expanding their family. Since couples of colors are often perceived as ghetto, uneducated, and plagued by infidelity and drama, I wanted to display more complex and universal storylines that any man or woman could understand. No relationship is perfect so the idea was to show more mature, real life healthy couples during their highs and lows.
Black Love Images Afrolatina
The Off-Broadway play The Colors of Love displays the couples at the height of their issues and situations. Many audience members wanted to see how the couples arrived at their situations so I co-wrote the webseries to show the couples when they first meet. Each episode details how they met, fell in love, and the development of how many of their downward spirals began. We currently have 7 episodes on Youtube and have 5 more left before we wrap up season 1. The couples explore an array of issues: the youngest couple (Angela Brown and Jeffrey Blackman) deal with cohabitation and codependency/independence; The Pinkette are our opposite attract blue collar/white collar married couple; Melissa and Franklin Grayson (another married couple) strive for both 7 figure success and a resurgence of their marriage; and James Rojo and Brittany Green who try to make a relationship work through his unemployment and her curiosity with women.

We wanted to create a show with couples of color in ways we don't normally get to see them and in roles often not given to actors of color. We also wanted to try our hand at addressing problem any human being who has been in a relationship can understand. 2016 is also all about stepping it up for us and we are in pre-production for season 2. So catch up Season 1 now before Season 2 is released.

Crystal Shaniece Roman
Black Latina Movement

Quirky, Brown Chick: Gabriella

October 15, 2015
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Gabriella of Nerdette At Large.
1. How would you describe your personal style?
I like to think of my style as nerd/comfy. Almost all of my outfits, have some type of fandom attribute to it and I love being able to show it off in my outfits. When I fangirl, I do it hard, and I like being able to spark conversation wherever I go, because someone has something to say about my shirt. 

Girlfriend, It Is Time To Let Go Of "That Guy".

October 14, 2015
If you are a girl that has "that guy" in your life, you know exactly what guy I'm talking about.

That guy that you have known forever that you kind of had a "thing with". The one who you are sure has some feelings for you, but "for some reason" you two are not together. This guy is most likely attractive, lives in either your hometown or has gone away so that you don't see each other as often. You guys have history that you are not ready to let go of and you know in your heart that if this person ever stopped playing games, you would scoop him up in a heartbeat. Maybe this guy is a little rough around the edges and is most likely well liked by the opposite sex. And doesn't it always seem like this guy just randomly pops up in your life after letting weeks and even months go by?

Okay, now that we have established who "that guy" is in your life, it's time for you to drop him. Actually, you should have dropped him at least a few months/years ago. I'm just keeping it real, girlfriend.

You are too busy worry about what this guy is thinking about you that you aren't allowing yourself to be loved by any potential guys who actually want to be with you. Don't mistake the every-now-and-again text messages that "that guy" sends you as him really wanting to be with you. If he really wanted to be with you, you wouldn't have to ask yourself. He would be mentally, if not physically present. Guys play games when they either don't want to break your heart or just don't care. Either way, please save yourself some pride and take the hint.
Girlfriend, It Is Time To Let Go Of "That Guy" | Quirky, Brown Love
Currently, this guy has you chained down and you are waiting for him to come around with the key. Stop waiting on this guy and liberate your damn self.

As your virtual friend girl, I am tired of seeing you cry yourself to sleep waiting on this guy to act right. The funny thing is that you probably don't even realize how bad this guy has you. You probably talk to other guys who are around you and act social at parties. You think that you could move on if you could just find someone to date, but in the back of your mind, you just want "that guy" to finally claim you as his own.

You probably can't believe that I am preaching this to you because you were never suppose to be the type of woman who is wrapped up on some guy. You are probably well spoken and people probably look up to you as a strong women. Yet, for some reason, this guy has you stumped. Don't let this guy's actions towards you determine your self-worth. If anything, become stronger from this experience. And trust me, you will get stronger from this experience. Your will learn what you really want in a man, as well as how to attract him. Most importantly, liberating yourself from this guy will finally let you experience what it means to love yourself.

I can only imagine what you are going through and I know that you are probably too embarrassed to tell all of the details to your real life girlfriends. Well, don't worry virtual girlfriend, your secret is safe with me.

3 Day Food Scene Itinerary For a Weekend in Denver, Colorado | The Traveling Quirk

October 13, 2015
The Traveling Quirk | Quirky, Brown Love
As much as I love going on vacation, there is nothing more that I hate than being hungry and not knowing where to eat. Matt and I are the most indecisive couple when it comes to choosing what and where to eat. Before I took him on a surprise trip to Denver, Colorado, I literally spent weeks figuring out the best places to eat in the city. Denver is a foodie's paradise so there was no way that I could conquer all that Denver has to eat on this list. If you decide to book it to Denver for the weekend like we did, feel free to use our 3 day food scene itinerary below that is based on cost efficiency, variety, unique food and a little bit of splurging (we can all live a little!).

1. Denver Biscuit Company // South Broadway- Website
The Appeal: So many buscuits! Also a full bar (Bloody Mary's & mimosas, yay!)
Price: $2-$10.50
2. Four Friend Kitchen // Roslyn St- Website
The Appeal: The Southern influence (they have grits and a green tomato benedict!)
Price: $6-$15
3. Snooze // Larimer St- Website
The Appeal: Pretty much everything. The benedicts, the french toast, the pancakes...and now I'm hungry.
Price: $6-$12

The Melanated Bosses Series: Flight Attendant, Katrina Morrison

October 12, 2015
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a career as a flight attendant? If so, you are in for a treat for this Melanated Bosses feature! Meet the super amazing Katrina of My Mommy Flies. She is a flight attendant for a major airline and talks about life as a flight attendant with a family.
Flight Attendant, Katrina Morrison | Quirky, Brown Love
1. What inspired you to become a flight attendant? 
I wanted to see more of the world. I've been in the travel industry for years but didn't travel as much as I would've liked.  Being a flight attendant allows me to meet new people, explore new cultures, and get paid for it.

2. What is a typical day like at work? 
The beauty of flying is that everything changes especially my schedule.  I sometimes start my work day in the early morning or mid afternoon. I usually work 3-4 flights a day depending on the flight times and 1 flight if I'm going international. I end my day by staying the night at a company provided hotel.  or layover. Most of my trips are 3 days of flying.
Flight Attendant, Katrina Morrison | Quirky, Brown Love

If You Don't Know "A Different World", We Can't Date

October 11, 2015
I wouldn't say that I am a picky person when it comes to love. You don't have to have a godly body and I've dated guys of different frames and heights, but if you don't know anything about my favorite TV show, "A Different World", we definitely cannot date.
Although I only watched the reruns of the show when they use to come on TV and now on Netflix, I feel like I grew up on A Different World. My dad went to an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) partially because of the show and he carried on that legacy to my brother, who now goes to NC A&T. Although I didn't attend an HBCU for my undergraduate education, I still feel that Hillman College, the fictitious college from A Different World, is America's HBCU. 

I always tell Matt how I wish that every Black person my age and younger could learn the lessons that were taught on A Different World. I am truly a superfan of the show, so when I found out that there was a company called Hillman Bookstore that made paraphernalia from the college, I absolutely had to get in touch with them (and they are from Charlotte, NC- my old stopping grounds)! The lovely folks at Hillman Bookstore gifted me with my very own Hillman College sweatshirt
Can I tell you, that I have worn this shirt absolutely everywhere. The sweatshirt is like an automatic friend maker! When cool people who know the show see me wear this on the streets, they always come up to me and ask me where they can get their own. Looks like I'm not the only A Different World fan!

Quirky, Brown Chick: Larisa Ejutemieden

October 08, 2015
Quirky, Brown Love | The Quirky, Brown Chick Series
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Larisa from Larisa's Diary.
Quirky, Brown Love | Larisa Ejutemieden
1. How would you describe your personal style?
I would say my style is versatile, I don't stick to a particular style because I am always attracted to different looks but I try as much as possible to dress really simple so people can relate and be able to recreate some looks.

2. What song are you vibing with right now?
I am Nigerian so my fav song right now is Shakitibobo by olamide and fav International song is Yoga by Janelle Monae.
Quirky, Brown Love | Larisa Ejutemieden
3. What are you passionate about?
The only thing I am really passionate about Is fashion, I love clothes and styling them in different ways, mixing with accessories and it truly makes me happy and I really cant wait to be done with school so I can do something I really love in the fashion Industry.

The Quirky Things That Couples Love About Each Other

October 07, 2015
Black Love | The Quirky Things That Couples Love About Each Other
If you are an ooey-gooey romantic like me, you probably love reading about other people's love stories. Unfortunately, the love stories that are streamed from Hollywood are all about one specific type of couple, a type of couple category that most of my readers don't fit into (yeah, I'm looking at you Nicholas Sparks). Well, today you are in luck! I have an ongoing series called Brown Love Stories that features everyday brown couples and their quirky relationships. Check out the quirky things that these couples love the most about each other:
Black Love | The Quirky Things That Couples Love About Each Other
Bryanda & Matt (that's us!)
Bryanda: Matt has an alterego named Quick Flash, based off of the superhero Quick Silver in X-Men Days of Future Past. When he "turns" into Quick Flash, he is literally in his own little super world. Also, he goings longboarding in a motorcycle helmet.
Matt: Bree adds up every digit she sees until it equals a single digit (example: 709= 7+0+9=16= 1+6= 7) and her lucky numbers are 7, 9 and 4, especially from 13 (1+3=4). She is also always randomly twerking and making up songs in our house. It's not provacative or anything, but it's funny and I like it.

Black Love | The Quirky Things That Couples Love About Each Other
Danielle & Shel: Read Their Love Story
Danielle: He likes to pull pranks. His favorite is the sneak attack - when he carefully creeps up and startles me. He thinks it’s very funny.

Shel: Anything can make her cry - news stories, movies, puppy commercials, etc. It’s weird but cute at the same time.

Kriselle & Darell: Read Their Love Story
Kriselle:  I will do or say something really cheesy but sometimes Darell will go along with it and sometimes do it too! He works very hard to portray a certain image to the outside world that when he acts in these ways with me I almost fall in love with him more because it's different than how he normally is. He continues to surprise me every day.

Darell: Surprisingly she eats a lot despite her small size.

We Were Late On Rent This Month, But We Decided To Be Happy

October 06, 2015
Quirky, Brown Love | Decide To Be Happy
This time was the first time that Matt and I have ever been late on rent.

Although we did spend a little bit more than expected on our trip to Colorado last month, we did make sure that we would have enough to cover our bills. The one thing that tripped us up was the fact that Matt's job changed the company that does their paychecks, which delayed all of their employee's payment (so I'm sure that we weren't the only ones late on a bill).

We exhausted every option that we could think of to come up with all of the money on time; however, we still came up short.

Matt and I could have easily had a horrible night last night. We could have yelled at each other and critiqued each other's spending habits. I could have cried and Matt could have went to bed angry.

I could feel both of our blood pressures rising. 

Instead of feeding into our natural extincts, I say "screw it. Let's go out for dinner." Matt looked shocked for a second, but then I saw the weight release from his shoulders. "Really? We can go out for dinner?' "Yes, I get paid again this week. I'll reimburse us for dinner and I'll even get us a cheap bottle of wine." And that is exactly what I did. Matt and I sat in the bar area of Outback and enjoyed ourselves over steak and drinks (both on special, of course). We talked about crazy things at work, future vacations, blogging and other light things. Afterwards, just as promised, we drove to the grocery store, bought a $5.99 bottle of wine and got tipsy on a Monday night. Both of us went to sleep happy after drinking wine and watching a movie. The next day, I talked to the manager of my apartment community, and she agreed to waive the late fee for our rent!

So, how many of you would have gone to bed worried and angry? Growing up, I watched my parents do the same thing. Any time there was a monetary struggle, the whole family knew about it. My mom would tell my dad that he gambled too much money in the stock market and my dad would tell us that my mom never listened to his plan for saving money. I thought that me getting a job at 14 would somehow make them stop arguing, but honestly there was no amount of money that could prevent this from happening. My parents were too busy casting the blame on the other person that they weren't willing to take a step back and work together.

Not once did they decide to be happy. Not once.

For a while, I told myself that I would never marry because I didn't want a relationship like my parents; however, I learned that the attitude that you have within the relationship can make all of the difference. Matt and I definitely don't have a perfect relationship, but we make sure that we see each other as adults and as partners. I am so proud of Matt and I for choosing to be happy instead of blaming each other and ripping each other's heads off.

In a relationship or not, when was the last time you decided to be happy?

1.A Fly Drowned In My Beer, And It Changed My Whole Perspective On Life
2.Carefree Spirit, It's Okay To Admit That You Love The Idea of Travel, But Are Afraid To Actually Do It
3.Embracing Your Life's Story, No Matter How Unideal It Is

What To Do When You Realize That You Are Starting To Not Like People

October 05, 2015
Quirky, Brown Love | What To Do When You Realize That You Are Starting To Not Like People
There comes a time in everyone's life when faith in humanity starts to dwindle. People could be annoying you at work, life may suck in your new city or you could have just realized that you prefer the company of one: yourself. So, what do you do when the thought of never talking to another human being again sounds all too appealing? Here are some tips:

1. Listen To That Thought
Take a mental break away from people. Turn off your phone, stop accepting invites to boring events when you would rather be watching Netflix. There is a reason that you are not liking people right now. Pin point and figure out that reason.

2. Make Sure That You Still Like Yourself
The reason that you are starting to not like people could partly be because you are not liking the person that you are becoming. Are you happy with how you are spending your life? Do you feel like you stay true to yourself when people ask you to do things that you don't want to do? Do you feel like people depend on you too much?

3. Re-Evaluate The People In Your Life
Are you wasting your time with people who are draining you of your energy? Don't ever feel like you can't eliminate people from your life. If there is a friend/associate in your life that you don't really like, drop them like a bad habit. There is no need to come up with an explanation and if they ask why you stopped talking to them, say that you are "working on yourself". If there is a family member, best friend or even sorority sister that is stressing out your life, give them the courtesy of having a conversation, then take your space away from them.

4. Take a Break From Social Media
Nothing makes me dislike people more than seeing people post ignorant stuff on social media. Sometimes I get selfied-out. Don't add fuel to your fire: close the laptop and put down the cell phone.

5. Watch Netflix
You are bound to find a movie or show on Netflix with a main character who can relate to your struggle or can somehow put you at ease. For some reason, my go to movies on Neflix when I'm in a weird mood are Mean Girls, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and Up in The Air. Plus, Netflix people can be so much better than real-life people.

6. Surround Yourself With True Friends
True friends are real extensions of yourself. Living in a new environment or in a new stage of your life can really make you feel lost and cynical at times. Take some time to be around the people that you like the most, even if that means taking a road trip to visit your friend from high school/college.

7. Do It Differently This Time Around
Now that you have had time to reflect on why you started not liking people in the first place, make some changes this time around. Don't continue to let people take advantage of you. Have a positive spirit that can't be crushed by the negativity of people around you. Don't say "yes" to every request. Learn to say "hell no" when you mean "hell no".

1.We Were Late On Rent This Month, But We Decided To Be Happy
2.A Fly Drowned In My Beer, And It Changed My Whole Perspective On Life
3.Carefree Spirit, It's Okay To Admit That You Love The Idea of Travel, But Are Afraid To Actually Do It
4.Embracing Your Life's Story, No Matter How Unideal It Is

Quirky, Brown Chicks: Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy

October 01, 2015
Quirky, Brown Chicks: Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Today I have brought you 3 for the price of 1! Meet Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy.
1. How would you describe your personal style?
If you’re talking about fashion right now I am going through a bit of a change. I got rid of many of my clothes (about 60% of my wardrobe) so I could adopt the capsule wardrobe trend to my life, I am really tying to minimize the amount of things that I own. As far as my style, I would say some times minimalist, sometimes afro-futurist, sometimes eclectic. I wear a lot of black, grey, olive and purple. When I do mix it up I love to wear prints and switch up my glasses to go with how I am feeling!
I like a variety of different looks. I gravitate more toward the minimalist style with black and white color palettes. Along with alternative fashion. 
My personal style is kinda just whatever I think looks good at the time. I can dress really feminine at times....but I also like to switch it up with a tomboy style. I think tomboy styles suit me best!

2. What song are you vibing with right now?
Quirky, Brown Chicks: Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy
Since the video came out I’ve been listening to Alright a lot by Kendrick Lamar, the whole To Pimp a Butterfly album really. I find myself turning up the radio when F*** Up Some Commas by Future or Flex by Rich Homie Quan comes on. (Bryanda's Note: Giiiiirrrrl, me too! Oo Oo Oo-oo)
I'm listening to Lianne La Havas's album Blood on repeat. 
I really love listening to St Beauty. Right now they’re my everything 

3. Favorite place that you have traveled?

My the top two places I’ve ever been are Zanzibar, Tanzania and Puerto Rico. I think I’m just really about that ‪#‎IslandLife‬. Fresh coconuts, fish and mangoes really just do it for me.
Favorite place that you have traveled? I've been to a lot of different places but I really liked California when my family went a few years ago. 
I went to South Korea this summer...and it was the most amazing trip I have ever taken!

4.Favorite pastime?
Dickin’ around on the internet tbh. Spending time with my love ones, being shady on the internet, just having a good time.
Quirky, Brown Chicks: Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy
Favorite pastime? My favorite pastime would have to be playing outside with all the kids in the neighborhood when we lived in Florida. The entire block knew each other and it was always fun. 
My mom doing my hair. (Getting your hair done free...)

5. What is something about you that people wouldn't expect?

I’m extremely sensitive, I internalize a lot but I think that feeling too much helps me empathize with people easier.
I like heavy metal. 
That I am really into korean pop music...!

6. Tell us about your YouTube Channel!

Pretty Brown & Nerdy reflects who we are! The three of us decided to come together to create the content we wanted to see, there aren’t that many black girl nerds out there making youtube videos so why not change that? Our channel focuses on all things nerdy, tv shows, cosplay, movies, comics, anime, gaming and more!
Pretty Brown and Nerdy is fun, quirky, and a place for us to talk about everything we love in nerd culture. It's a place for other PoC and Blerds to come and hopefully we can inspire them.

7. What/who inspires you?
I am personally inspired by my friends, I have the drive to do things because of the support of my friends. 
I draw inspiration from people I meet throughout life, the placed I've been to, music I listen to, and artist. 
Quirky, Brown Chicks: Camille, Jazmine and Cheyenne of Pretty Brown and Nerdy
Mostly people who are already in the position I want to be in.

8. What stereotypes about the Black community do you wish you could destroy?
That black means anything other than the racial group a person belongs to. Blackness is vast and expansive, we are not a monolith and nothing singular can define us. 
That all of us are "thugs" and "hood chicks"
The "ghetto" and "rachet" stereotypes...

9. Anything else? 
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