Cooking With Real Butter Because You Can't Bootleg Everything in Life

A few nights ago, I was cooking a recipe that required real butter. Growing up in my household, we never used real butter unless someone was baking a pound cake. We used non-dairy butter spread, not because we were blatantly lactose-intolerant, but because it was cheap and came in large quantities. For many years, when people referred to butter, that's what I pictured. In my mind, there was nothing distinguishable between real butter and fake butter, because well...I had never tried real butter.

Flash forward several years to the recipe that I made a few nights ago. As I reached for my tub of butter-tasting hydrogenated oil in the grocery store, my friend shopping with me stopped me and ask what I was doing. "If the recipe calls for real butter, use real butter." For a few moments, I was taken aback. I had been bootlegging real butter for margarine all of these years that I didn't believe that cooking with real butter would make a difference. Hoping to become a more sophisticated cook, I grabbed the real butter, paid the extra money and made the best meal of my life.

While I was cooking, I had time to think about everything else that I had been bootlegging in my life. I immediately thought back to vacations that I had planned. Whenever traveling to big cities, I would always book a hotel in the neighboring town for a cheaper rate. Sure I saved a little bit of money, but I also lost out on a lot of my vacations since I had to drive to see anything. I then started thinking about some of my past not so successful business ventures. They were all unsuccessful because I was trying to bootleg my business. I think that in the beginning stages of every business, it's great to be resourceful and use the talents that you have, but unfortunately too many entrepreneurs ignore the signs that it is time to stop bootlegging and is now time to start growing.

The concept of bootlegging also followed me into my relationships. I was okay with the "okey doke" so much so that I couldn't distinguish the "okey doke" from the real deal. I thought crying and arguing  every night was a part of the package and I had to learn to just accept it.

It wasn't until I saw "real butter" in my friend's relationship that I realized that I had been settling with margarine all along. 

So many people are currently settling and struggling with several aspects of their lives and the basis comes down to accepting bootleg offers. Then after everything goes down hill, we ask what happened without doing the proper self-reflection to see this trend. Let's take a moment to self-reflect. Why are you always claiming"the struggle" into your life whenever anyone asks you how you are doing? Is business not going well? Maybe you should hire a social media manager instead of relying on your Facebook friends to spread the word about your business. Maybe you need to finally hire that graphic designer instead of relying on your diy graphics. Are you having trouble getting a job or getting into graduate school? Maybe you can invest in furthering your education or get someone who knows the process to look over your resume/application. Is you relationship on the rocks? Do a reality check and see if you have been settling for the okey doke or if your relationship still has the potential to be the real deal. It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship if you are not happy. In everything that you do, don't be afraid to take time away and invest in yourself if you are seeking growth in your life. You can bootleg a lot of things, but you can't bootleg a life.

Bottom Line: "If the recipe calls for real butter, use real butter." 

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