This New Holiday Tradition Will Bring Thousands of Dollars to Small, Black-Owned Businesses

I feel that this generation is finally realizing the value of shopping local and shopping at small-owned businesses, as opposed to shopping at large/monopolized corporations.

During the holidays, the White Elephant Party is a very popular tradition, especially for office parties or Christmas Eve Parties. The premise of the party is to bring a small gift that can be exchanged and hope that you are lucky enough to leave with the best gift. With a little twist to this holiday tradition, you can support Black-owned businesses and other small-owned businesses by hosting a Black Elephant Party. 

The Rules
1. Have all guests buy a gift from a Black-owned business and bring it to the party in either a bag or wrapped. Beforehand, set a price range (I suggest $15-$25). Need a good list of Black-owned businesses? Check out The Ultimate Black-Owned Online Business Holiday Gift Guide. Go a step further and have everyone write down on a card which small business they bought their gift from.

2. Each guest should pick a number out of a hat/jar that tells them their order of picking a gift.

3. The person who picked number 1 will pick a wrapped gift from the tree and show it to everyone.

4. The person who picked number 2 can either take the gift that the first person picked or take their chances at getting a wrapped gift from under the tree. If they decide to steal the first person's gift, they have to hand the person a new gift that they pick from under the tree.

5. The person who picked number 3 can take the gift from either number 1 or number 2 or take their chances at getting a wrapped gift from under the tree.

6. The game continues in this matter; however, once a gift has been stolen 3 times, it is locked and can't be stolen again.

Complete the party by buying spirits and wine from any of these black-owned companies and serve snacks from any of the Black-owned companies on this list.

Ready to throw your own Black Elephant Party? Use the free printable invitation below to send out to your friends!

The Invitation

Will you be supporting small business by hosting a Black Elephant Party this year?

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