16 Real Ways To Be a Better Person in 2016

While everyone else is putting together their New Year's Resolution, I challenge you to develop a new mantra for your spirit. Most resolutions have something to do with the physical body; however, I think that it is most important to focus on the inner body. Here are 16 ideas of how to be an overall better person in 2016 and beyond:

1. Get a Handle on Your Emotions
Learn what it means to have power of mind. It's never okay to just lash out on someone or to put your hands on another human being to cause harm.

2. Write Thank You Cards
Of course you should be sending letters after interviews, but also keep a stack of thank you cards for every day occurrences. Did a co-worker switch shifts with you so that you could spend time with your family? Did a friend spot you some food/drinks at a bar? A simple thank you card is sure to leave an impression.

3. Meditate
I've recently started doing 4 minutes of meditation in the mornings and evenings and I can already tell a difference in my irritability level. I'm not one for super quite meditation though, so I use YouTube videos from BEXLIFE. Here is a link to my favorite video.

4. Make Something Useful
This could be anything; a resource for your social media friends, a guide for your classmates, a gift for a family member.

5. Support Small Business
If you want to see change in your community, invest in it. Why spend your money giving some rich investor funds that he can use to buy a vacation home when you could spend your money so that a local business woman can afford dance lessons for her daughter?

6. Get Organized Once and For All
You'll be a less stressed person once you get your life in order. People will notice.

7. Give Your All at Work/School
Come early to work, do the required reading for school, ask questions and research outside of given sources.

8. Be Courteous To Workers in Service Industries
My biggest pet peeve is when I see patrons running their server to death knowing that they aren't going to tip them. Or when store attendants get yelled at for something they can't control. What are you really gaining other than being a prime example of the stereotype?

9. Learn to Say No
You may think that adding more to your already full plate is helping the other person, but in reality it's best to tell them no instead of half doing the job they requested.

10. Learn to Say Yes
You can't turn down every invitation, no matter how much you may dislike people.

11. Have Genuine Conversations With The Elderly and The Youth
It makes me feel so uncomfortable when I hear people talking to old people like babies, knowing that they have so much experience. It equally makes me angry when people talk down to younger people (or people who just happen to have a baby face...cough, cough) to make themselves feel more mature. I talk to people as people and therefore talk to everyone the same. You might learn something if you do the same.

12. Save Your Money
Save a percentage of all of your pay checks and don't spend everything at the first of the month. Develop a budget.

13. Go To More Local Shows and Festivals
Not only will you get to know the town that you live in, but you will also be supporting the people who worked so hard to put together the events.

14. Map Out Your Life Goals Without Limitations
If you could be anything, without realistic expectations or without any track record you might have, what would you be? Remember that this life is yours and that there is more than one way to make it so.

15. Find a Philanthropic Cause
It's nice to volunteer at the soup kitchen, but what cause are you really drawn to? Domestic violence, autism, refugee ministry?

16. Forgive Yourself For The Wrong You Did in 2015
People make mistakes and it are these mistakes that shape us into the people that we are. Don't continue to dull your potential by focusing on the bad. Make every year your year.

I hope that everyone has a happy new year.

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