Afro Puffs and AP Classes: The "Benefits" Of Being The Only Black Student In Your Class

 At my high school, there was a three level learning track: standard, accelerated and honors. 

This track stemmed from the similar track from middle school, and those who were in honors had the opportunity to sign up for Advanced Placement (AP) classes. I was always in the honors classes and took every AP class that I could. When I was in grade school, I use to always complain to my mom that I was never in the same classes as most of my friends, who happened to be Black like me.Year after year, I started to notice a trend.

I was always one of the only Black students in all of my classes, except for electives like P.E. and art class. 

All this time, I was so upset about this injustice and just focused on the problems, you know like the inequality in our education system and the lack of diversity on most school boards; however, I should have been focusing on all of the wonderful benefits that I gained from the lack of the diversity in the honors classrooms.

Oh, you don't think being the only Black person in class has its benefits? 
Let me help change your perspective with my list of "benefits" below:

You Get Constantly Compared To One of America's Favorite Cookies
I've been called an oreo several times in my life, but I've never understood why. I think that it's because I'm so sweet...

You Learn A Lot About Black History
Not necessarily because you want to, but because you have to. You already know that the teacher is going to call on you as the community leader of all Black people any time slavery or civil rights comes up in class.

You Become Just As Much As a Reliable Reference on Black Culture and Slang As Urban Dictionary
Nothing validates my blackness more than having my non-Black friends greet me with slang to test whether or not they can get away with it on other Black people. They also always seem to watch just enough of the Love and Hip Hip commercials to bring it up in conversation. They must have forgotten that my favorite show is The Walking Dead...

You'll Always Have A Chance At Love
Forget Tinder! Having a non-Black classmate that knows any other Black guy is just as effective. This expands to the workforce as well. My non-Black friends were always trying to hook me up with the only Black guy in the class or at my job. Didn't matter if they were straight or gay, we were perfect for each other.

Well, that was fun. Hope you enjoyed the sarcasm. What "benefits" would you add to this list?

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