Solange Sundays: Sancastle Disco

Solange Knowles
Picture adapted from COMPLEX
Guess what today is?

For those who are regulars on my blog (first off, thank you!), you know that I am always saying how I wish that all of the Quirky, Brown Chicks of the world could gather together and listen to Solange while drinking craft beer. Well, I am trying to make that dream a reality on QBL with Solange Sundays. For now, I'll call us the 'Quirky, Brown Chick Club", or QBC Club for short. There is only one rule to follow as a part of this clique: on Sundays, we listen to Solange. Cue the Mean Girls Scene!

Sandcastle Disco

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Thanks for tuning in this Solange Sunday! You are officially a part of the club. Stay Quirky!

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