Quirky, Brown Chick: Chala Hannon

Quirky, Brown Chick: Chala Hannon | Quirky, Brown Love
If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Chala Hannon of Girl GYLIO (Get Your Life In Order).
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1. How would you describe your personal style?
If I had to describe my personal style, it'll be mommy chic. I guess after having a child, you'll loose a little "punk" and gain some extra pounds, hips and start to incorporate more classic, versatile pieces.
2. What song are you vibing with right now?
I'm currently vibing to a little Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan, K. Michelle & of course, Chris Brown's Liquor is my ultimate favorite track right now. I can listen to that in repeat all day long.
3. What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about self-efficacy and personal development. I've spent most this quarter, promoting our young people to set and aim to achievable realistic goals. I'm development several tools to help them apply and manage their goal setting. I definitely know what it's like to not have anyone rooting for you - so I'm doing that for some amazing young people carry the torch after me.
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4. Favorite place that you have traveled?
I love Jamaica! I'll definitely retire there and live minimally ever after.
5.Favorite pastime?
I love reading and writing! I think I've texted best sellers. (dies laughing)
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6. What is something about you that people wouldn't expect?
I have no tattoos. I'm an extremely shy introvert. My right eye is slightly lazy and closes when I laugh. I have a crazy rock collection.
7. Tell us about your blog!
I have a blog section featured on my website "Girl, Get Your Life In Order" www.girlgylio.com. Between changing diaper and changing lives, I'm perfecting my brand, Girl GYLIO. I think we have some amazing stuff in store that the world will definitely love!
8. What/who inspires you?
My mom.
Believe In Your Damn Self
9. What stereotypes about the Black community do you wish you could destroy?
All black women aren't loud, bossy and angry. Additionally, we have no issue finding husbands - we just ain't settling for just anyone. (irritated not angry)
10. Anything else? 
I have affirmations all over my headboard. I read them daily. My favorite one says, "Believe In Your Damn Self" ...download a copy at www.girlgylio.com

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