Every Woman Loves A Dapper Gentleman

There is just something about a well-dressed man.

This year, Matt and I have made it a point to go on a lot more date nights (one hundred, to be exact). Since we live together now, it can be so easy for things to get monotonous so our date nights give us the opportunity to get out of our apartment and try something new. Most of our dates are casual; however, we do make sure to add in a few fancy dates every now and again. 

I'm the type of person that gets excited about giving people gifts, especially those close to me. I noticed that Matt was looking for a solution to update his wardrobe, so I was excited at the opportunity to gift him a November subscription of the Dapper Black Box. This was the perfect solution for a busy man like Matt because he didn't have to hunt and search for the little but important details that make an outfit standout. Also, I can barely dress myself so dressing my man was out of the question. It was nice and simple to have the men at Dapper Black Box curate a selection of products for Matt. The best part about the box is that everything is Black-owned. Everyone who buys a box is supporting Black business and all that it takes is a small investment of $28/month (they offer 1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions for gifts).

Here is what came in Matt's Dapper Black Box:
Something about this box of goodies brought the "Jidenna- Classic Man" out of Matt. He wasn't mean, but he was definitely looking clean (ah, I just crack myself up!). After about 20 consecutive random dinner dates, we decided to snazz it up and go for an afternoon brunch for date 79 of 100. The great thing about the items in the box is that they could go with several outfits and he can mix and match accessories if he wants to.
One of the most useful items that came in the box was the Alpha Mane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Cream. I asked Matt for his honest opinion of the cream, and he says that he absolutely loves it (he wants me to say that those weren't his exact words because he's too "manly" to say that). After he received the cream in his Dapper Black Box, he decided to try a new cut-out shape in his beard. He's been rocking this style for a little over a week and his skin is still very smooth. He also had a few previous razor bumps on the back of his neck and head that have now vanished.

Now, normally I don't take too kind to other people looking at my man, but I guess that I can make an exception for you, just this once:
Okay, now he's just showing off! I kid, I kid. This quick photoshoot with Matt was so much fun because I could tell that he felt really confident about how he looked. Receiving the Dapper Black Box has inspired him to update his wardrobe and dress like the amazing man that he is. I am so excited for next month's box and will be gifting it to Matt as well as one of my brother's in college (he needs to start dressing professionally for his future internships).

Will you be gifting the Dapper Black Box this holiday season?

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