Get Your Significant Other On Track With Getting Healthy

The best start to getting healthy is learning how to listen to your body.

Matt and I have definitely gained some weight since college and our gym membership has not done much to help us lose the lbs. They say that you gain weight once you get in a relationship, but for the first two or so years of our relationship, this was the exact opposite. Matt and I use to motivate each other to stay healthy by working out together and eating together; however, now that Matt works until late at night and I work early in the morning, it's hard to coordinate.

Although I still workout on my own, I realized that I still wasn't seeing the results that I wanted. Most of my weight was accumulating in my stomach so I knew that I needed to make a change in my diet. Matt has also been accumulating fat in his stomach, but I absolutely know that it is from all of the beer that he's been drinking! Ah, the gift and the curse of a good beer. 

Another problem that goes along with our diet is the time of day that we have been eating. Since Matt gets off of work late, I have been trying to normalize our relationship by staying up (more like waking up after a few hours nap) and eating a late-night dinner with him. In a perfect world, I'll cook, but sometimes I just get too tired and we are forced to scavenge food on the streets of our college town, and unfortunately no college student is looking for healthy food after midnight.

Recently, I have been feeling sluggish and drained of energy, like I have a deficiency in something. I knew that something had to change. I use Pinterest just as much as the average blogger, and kept coming by these crazy interesting superfood smoothie recipes. The concept of the superfood smoothie is simple: give your body the nutrients that it is lacking. No matter how much food you eat, if your body is lacking nutrients, it will go into survival mode and start storing fat (which equals muffin tops and bloated-looking, I think I'll pass). Luckily, I can across Nativas Naturals and decided to try a few things. Here is what I got to start off:
The Superfood Smoothies book is just the type of reinforcement that I need to venture passed my standard strawberry and banana smoothie. One pitfall that I always run into when making smoothies is adding sugary juices for the taste. Sure it tastes great, but it definitely defeats the purpose of a healthy smoothie. Nativas Naturals offers a few healthier sugar alternatives, one of which is the Lucuma Powder . Although I love trying new things, like a restaurants, I'm not that adventurous when it comes to replacing my cooking staples. I decided to give the lucuma powder a chance and was pleasantly surprised. It has almost a sweet pecan taste and the consistency of powder. I don't see me switching my stevia for lucuma powder when it comes to my coffee, but this is definitely great for smoothies, yogurt and probably baking.
Below is currently one of my favorite superfood smoothies. I like it because its simple, doesn't require too many ingredients and the Superfruit Blend is full of antioxidant (which shield against the free radicals that cause aging and cancer) and multivitamins:

Ingredients for The Modified Power Berry Smoothie
½ Banana
½ Cup Water
1½ Cup unsweetened Almond Milk
2 Cup frozen Mixed Berries
handful Ice

Thanks to Mic over at Nativas Naturals, I can giveaway both the Superfood Smoothies book and Superfruit Mix to one lucky reader and help them on their superfruit journey. Details below:

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Have you ever used Nativas Naturals products?

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