Girlfriend, It Is Time To Let Go Of "That Guy".

If you are a girl that has "that guy" in your life, you know exactly what guy I'm talking about.

That guy that you have known forever that you kind of had a "thing with". The one who you are sure has some feelings for you, but "for some reason" you two are not together. This guy is most likely attractive, lives in either your hometown or has gone away so that you don't see each other as often. You guys have history that you are not ready to let go of and you know in your heart that if this person ever stopped playing games, you would scoop him up in a heartbeat. Maybe this guy is a little rough around the edges and is most likely well liked by the opposite sex. And doesn't it always seem like this guy just randomly pops up in your life after letting weeks and even months go by?

Okay, now that we have established who "that guy" is in your life, it's time for you to drop him. Actually, you should have dropped him at least a few months/years ago. I'm just keeping it real, girlfriend.

You are too busy worry about what this guy is thinking about you that you aren't allowing yourself to be loved by any potential guys who actually want to be with you. Don't mistake the every-now-and-again text messages that "that guy" sends you as him really wanting to be with you. If he really wanted to be with you, you wouldn't have to ask yourself. He would be mentally, if not physically present. Guys play games when they either don't want to break your heart or just don't care. Either way, please save yourself some pride and take the hint.
Girlfriend, It Is Time To Let Go Of "That Guy" | Quirky, Brown Love
Currently, this guy has you chained down and you are waiting for him to come around with the key. Stop waiting on this guy and liberate your damn self.

As your virtual friend girl, I am tired of seeing you cry yourself to sleep waiting on this guy to act right. The funny thing is that you probably don't even realize how bad this guy has you. You probably talk to other guys who are around you and act social at parties. You think that you could move on if you could just find someone to date, but in the back of your mind, you just want "that guy" to finally claim you as his own.

You probably can't believe that I am preaching this to you because you were never suppose to be the type of woman who is wrapped up on some guy. You are probably well spoken and people probably look up to you as a strong women. Yet, for some reason, this guy has you stumped. Don't let this guy's actions towards you determine your self-worth. If anything, become stronger from this experience. And trust me, you will get stronger from this experience. Your will learn what you really want in a man, as well as how to attract him. Most importantly, liberating yourself from this guy will finally let you experience what it means to love yourself.

I can only imagine what you are going through and I know that you are probably too embarrassed to tell all of the details to your real life girlfriends. Well, don't worry virtual girlfriend, your secret is safe with me.

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