If You Don't Know "A Different World", We Can't Date

I wouldn't say that I am a picky person when it comes to love. You don't have to have a godly body and I've dated guys of different frames and heights, but if you don't know anything about my favorite TV show, "A Different World", we definitely cannot date.
Although I only watched the reruns of the show when they use to come on TV and now on Netflix, I feel like I grew up on A Different World. My dad went to an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) partially because of the show and he carried on that legacy to my brother, who now goes to NC A&T. Although I didn't attend an HBCU for my undergraduate education, I still feel that Hillman College, the fictitious college from A Different World, is America's HBCU. 

I always tell Matt how I wish that every Black person my age and younger could learn the lessons that were taught on A Different World. I am truly a superfan of the show, so when I found out that there was a company called Hillman Bookstore that made paraphernalia from the college, I absolutely had to get in touch with them (and they are from Charlotte, NC- my old stopping grounds)! The lovely folks at Hillman Bookstore gifted me with my very own Hillman College sweatshirt
Can I tell you, that I have worn this shirt absolutely everywhere. The sweatshirt is like an automatic friend maker! When cool people who know the show see me wear this on the streets, they always come up to me and ask me where they can get their own. Looks like I'm not the only A Different World fan!

I imagine that if I attend Hillman College, this is what I'd be rocking on my way to class.
I absolutely adore this company's attention to detail! When I opened the package that contained my sweatshirt. I had no idea that it was going to come with an acceptance letter to Hillman College and student orientation information. Mama, I finally made it into Hillman! #LifeGoalsMet.

Want your very own Hillman College swag? Check out Hillman Bookstore and also enjoy this exclusive 15% off coupon code! 

Make sure to support this quirky, cool Black-owned business and buy a shirt soon so that we can be in the same entering class! Will I see you at new student orientation?

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