Black People Are Drowning As We Speak

Clandestine Film by Stuart Gatt
You hear a headline that says "Black People Are Drowning", what are your first thoughts? You probably think about how sad it is and then try to figure out where these Black people are drowning. After you realize that the Black people are drowning thousands of miles away from your hometown in the Mediterranean, you are probably still horrified, that is, until something funny comes across your timeline.

Whether you are still thinking about it or not, these Black people are still drowning.

Stuart Gatt, filmmaker of My Beautiful White Skin, wants to make sure that you think about these Black people in the Mediterranean, with his new film, CLANDESTINE.

Excerpt from CLANDESTINE Kickstarter Page

"According to the United Nations, the death toll of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea has skyrocketed in 2015 to over 2,000 leading to the crisis being labelled ‘The Challenge of our Age’ by a UN Ambassador.

Fleeing war and persecution, most of those trying to seek asylum in Europe hail from Western Asia and Africa, where war has ravaged the region and human rights abuses have become commonplace...

Clandestine Film by Stuart Gatt
CLANDESTINE follows Emmanuel and Olu who are snatched from their home by militia and transported to a Libyan detention centre where refugees are regularly held and extorted for money. Massively overcrowded with no sanitation, The Couple find their new surroundings a jarring contrast to the life they lived before Libya descended into war. When the Guards realise Emmanuel is educated, they do their best to extort everything they can from him before learning his true weakness - his wife. Where Starvation, Torture and Rape are the norm, Emmanuel must do everything he can to get himself and Olu on a boat to Europe...

CLANDESTINE is a short film written by Award Winning Filmmaker Stuart Gatt, produced by Kelly Goncalves and Kate Glover and supported by two affiliated charities Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (“MSF”) and Human Rights at Sea. ALL PROFITS FROM THE FILM WILL BE DONATED TO MSF to support the heroic work of doctors involved in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean."

Even though this tragedy is occurring thousands of miles away from home, there is still a way for you to help. Without the support of backers like you, this movie will never be made, the European government will continue to ignore this issue and our brothers and sisters overseas will continue to drown, risking it all just for a chance to live.
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