We Were Late On Rent This Month, But We Decided To Be Happy

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This time was the first time that Matt and I have ever been late on rent.

Although we did spend a little bit more than expected on our trip to Colorado last month, we did make sure that we would have enough to cover our bills. The one thing that tripped us up was the fact that Matt's job changed the company that does their paychecks, which delayed all of their employee's payment (so I'm sure that we weren't the only ones late on a bill).

We exhausted every option that we could think of to come up with all of the money on time; however, we still came up short.

Matt and I could have easily had a horrible night last night. We could have yelled at each other and critiqued each other's spending habits. I could have cried and Matt could have went to bed angry.

I could feel both of our blood pressures rising. 

Instead of feeding into our natural extincts, I say "screw it. Let's go out for dinner." Matt looked shocked for a second, but then I saw the weight release from his shoulders. "Really? We can go out for dinner?' "Yes, I get paid again this week. I'll reimburse us for dinner and I'll even get us a cheap bottle of wine." And that is exactly what I did. Matt and I sat in the bar area of Outback and enjoyed ourselves over steak and drinks (both on special, of course). We talked about crazy things at work, future vacations, blogging and other light things. Afterwards, just as promised, we drove to the grocery store, bought a $5.99 bottle of wine and got tipsy on a Monday night. Both of us went to sleep happy after drinking wine and watching a movie. The next day, I talked to the manager of my apartment community, and she agreed to waive the late fee for our rent!

So, how many of you would have gone to bed worried and angry? Growing up, I watched my parents do the same thing. Any time there was a monetary struggle, the whole family knew about it. My mom would tell my dad that he gambled too much money in the stock market and my dad would tell us that my mom never listened to his plan for saving money. I thought that me getting a job at 14 would somehow make them stop arguing, but honestly there was no amount of money that could prevent this from happening. My parents were too busy casting the blame on the other person that they weren't willing to take a step back and work together.

Not once did they decide to be happy. Not once.

For a while, I told myself that I would never marry because I didn't want a relationship like my parents; however, I learned that the attitude that you have within the relationship can make all of the difference. Matt and I definitely don't have a perfect relationship, but we make sure that we see each other as adults and as partners. I am so proud of Matt and I for choosing to be happy instead of blaming each other and ripping each other's heads off.

In a relationship or not, when was the last time you decided to be happy?

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