The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

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Matt and I have been pretty lazy when it comes to decorating our apartment. During the first year of our lease, we rented furniture and now that we have decided to stay another year, we have yet to spend money on pieces to replace our recent lack of furniture. Decorating a place can be a long and expensive process, which is definitely not my style. Therefore, on one of our date nights, Matt and I decided to put our pennies together and come up with an affordable way to customize our home. What did we come up with? Picture frames! Now, when you walk into our door instead of seeing blank ways, you are greeted with a quirky gallery wall, handpicked with our favorite quotes and pictures. We also added some hilarious frames in our kitchen. Total cost: $10 plus tax (I get to print for free at work). The Dollar Tree has some really high quality looking frames for only $1 each. Frugal DIY people all over the world rejoice!

Frames In The Kitchen
Matt and I definitely have a sense of humor, so when I found these free printables from Marcia Ann Designs, I knew it was a match made in quirky kitchen heaven. 
Kitchen Printables | The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

Whip It Whip It Good
Frames On The Living Room Gallery Wall
The key to a cool gallery wall is to have a mixture of quotes and cool pictures. Matt and I have pretty eclectic personalities, so we made sure to show it on our gallery wall. My favorite pieces are the elephant, the pineapple and this cool Batman printable from The Kiwi In The Clouds.
Gallery Wall Printables | The Cheapest Way To Add Personal Touches To Your Home

I'm Not Saying I'm Batman Printable

Do you have any inexpensive DIY hacks?

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