Black Latina Movement: The Colors of Love

Black Latina Movement: The Colors of Love

Guest Post by Crystal of Black Latina Movement

The Colors of Love is a multimedia piece that explores so many issues that most couples, not just couples of color, experience. I wrote the play and transformed it into a webseries due to the overwhelming response regarding the relatability of the piece. I wanted the women to hold the leading roles in the plays so I made all 4 of them the protagonist to confront the issues that many women face but often don’t speak about. I discussed topics such as loss of sexual appetite/libido and bending assumed gender roles. Society has created this illusion that women of color love to pop out babies and overpopulate. I intentionally made one of the women (Valerie Pinkette) uninterested in having a baby; she instead wants to focus on her independence and career. Whereas with her husband (Mark Pinkette) unlike the way society portrays men of color is very driven on expanding their family. Since couples of colors are often perceived as ghetto, uneducated, and plagued by infidelity and drama, I wanted to display more complex and universal storylines that any man or woman could understand. No relationship is perfect so the idea was to show more mature, real life healthy couples during their highs and lows.
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The Off-Broadway play The Colors of Love displays the couples at the height of their issues and situations. Many audience members wanted to see how the couples arrived at their situations so I co-wrote the webseries to show the couples when they first meet. Each episode details how they met, fell in love, and the development of how many of their downward spirals began. We currently have 7 episodes on Youtube and have 5 more left before we wrap up season 1. The couples explore an array of issues: the youngest couple (Angela Brown and Jeffrey Blackman) deal with cohabitation and codependency/independence; The Pinkette are our opposite attract blue collar/white collar married couple; Melissa and Franklin Grayson (another married couple) strive for both 7 figure success and a resurgence of their marriage; and James Rojo and Brittany Green who try to make a relationship work through his unemployment and her curiosity with women.

We wanted to create a show with couples of color in ways we don't normally get to see them and in roles often not given to actors of color. We also wanted to try our hand at addressing problem any human being who has been in a relationship can understand. 2016 is also all about stepping it up for us and we are in pre-production for season 2. So catch up Season 1 now before Season 2 is released.

Crystal Shaniece Roman
Black Latina Movement

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