I'm Quirky and Black, But I Don't Watch Anime.

As the author of a blog called, "Quirky, Brown Love", I often get asked what I think it means to be 'quirky'. Usually, I answer that being 'quirky' means staying true to the things that you like no matter who is around, as well as being honest with yourself and not letting society define you. Before I give this definition, people usually assume that being 'quirky' means watching Japanese anime, wearing big hipster glasses, reading comics/manga and taking the coolest Instagram pictures.

If this were the case, I would definitely be failing at being quirky...and failing badly.

Once upon a time, I gave into this second definition of being quirky. I use to attend meetings at the Asian culture club and look through manga, I would listen to weird music just for the hell of it and I still own a ukulele that I don't even know how to play (though this is something I plan to do). I felt like doing this would somehow make me unique and cool, yet all it did was make me confused. I couldn't figure out why doing all of these things felt like a chore, but the reality was that I didn't like what I was doing.

I will be the first to admit that I was a total poser. The funny thing is that at the time, I didn't realize that I didn't like these things. Before I put on this front, people would always tell me that I was different naturally and that my "black card" could easily be taken. I observed what other "different" Black people were doing and took their actions to the extreme by putting on a persona that I myself couldn't even relate to.

I'm not sure why I thought that I would find myself on the last page of a manga comic, but I definitely did look and I was nowhere to be found.

Now that I've done some soul searching, I'm starting to develop my own definition of "quirky". I have no desire to watch a TV show with subtitles because I don't know the language, and I am finally okay with admitting that! I will never wow you with my bohemian Instagram pictures (matter of fact, I don't even have an Instagram). Also, although I prefer shows over concerts, I will throw down to some Big Sean on any given Saturday.

Another thing is that you should never have to worry about acting one way in front of one group of friends and acting differently with another group. What a conundrum this would be if you ever had to bring those two groups of friends together. Imagine how fake you would have to act to juggle this front so that nobody caught on that you were posing. I say "imagine" but I know that a lot of us, including myself, have been there. Luckily, I now love the person that I am and don't feel the need to be fake around people. I don't care if you are as preppy as private school or as hood as hood, I'm going to be myself and you are going to love or hate me for it.

So take this from a former "poser": the bottom line is to be yourself and not give a darn about what other people think of you...unless giving a darn is what makes you, you.

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