Google, I Prefer My Love With Clothes On: Thoughts on "Black Love"

A few months ago, I was having a conversation with my blogging friend, Giselle Santos of Red Lipstick and Champagne Dreams, and she brought up a very interesting problem. She told me that when she searched "Black Love" in Google, all that she found were pictures of naked, Black people. Now, I knew that Google doesn't find Black women or men attractive from my searches, but I was surprised to see that a search for "Black Love" would lead me to a page of basically soft porn. If you decide to Google "Black Love", please don't do it at work or in front of your grandmother.

I honestly hate that the fun, adventurous and monogamous love that I share with my boyfriend, Matt, is being reduced to what can be done by anybody in the bedroom. 

When I examined these pictures, I noticed a few similarities. The couples are all either composed of two darker skinned individuals or a dark skin male and a lighter skinned female. Another thing that is noticeable right away are the exaggerated body types: the men are strapping with caveman-like muscles and the women are busty and curvy with small waists...oh and naked. Very much so naked.
So after clicking through some of the websites that hosts these images, I came to the realization that it is Black artists and photographers who are putting out these images of "Black love". Looking even further into the comments of these pictures, other Black people are cosigning saying that these are "beautiful depictions" of "strong, Black love".

Have we as a Black community mistaken lust for love? I think so.

Even these covers of old Essence Magazines show powerful Black couples being naked.

Black people have always been thought to be more promiscuous than people of other ethnicities due to our natural curves and from being raped during American chattel slavery; however, now it seems like some Black people are actually believing this about themselves, even agreeing to it through their forms of art, and worst of all, mistaking promiscuity and lust for love.

Black men and women have too long been objectified for their genitalia and body parts and it is a shame that some have mistaken this objectification as a component of Black love. Our music, our film, and our artworks are not truly ours because they have been skewed by the animalistic views our 'forefathers' had of us.

To showcase Black love as a singularly sexual relationship is to reduce us to basic animals without organized thought and compassion.  

These images do not suggest commitment, building a family, or even liking someone because they are intelligent with a good sense of humor. These images showcase the same meanings that mainstream rap songs and shows like Love & Hip Hop are pushing: promiscuity and hookup culture.

Luckily, some Black artists are using there talents for good and are pushing against these lustful images of Black love. These pictures from Keturah Ariel went viral on Twitter and for good reason.

What are your thoughts on the depiction of "Black Love"?

*Disclaimer: All images were found on Google. If you own an image above and would like for it to be removed, please email me at and it will be removed.

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