Carefree Spirit, It's Okay To Admit That You Love The Idea of Travel, But Are Afraid To Actually Do It

Quirky, Brown Love: Carefree Spirit, It's Okay To Admit That You Love The Idea of Travel, But Are Afraid To Actually Do It
The wanderlust spirit runs rampant among the hearts of carefree spirits. 

The ideal of getting lost in the Costa Rican jungle excites you. You probably have a Pinterest Board to plan your "Eat, Pray Love" adventure; however, will you actually be ready to take the leap when the opportunity to travel presents itself?

I've always considered myself to be a traveler at heart. I even learned both Spanish and Italian with the hope that I would be able to study abroad for a semester; however, that never happened. For the longest time, I believed that I wasn't able to study abroad because I didn't have enough money. If I really wanted to go to Costa Rica or Italy, however, I would have made it happened.

Recently, I planned a trip to Colorado for Matt and I. I planned this trip for several months and was determined to make it happen. It was hard to save money for this trip while also paying for secondary applications for medical school, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. At one point, I didn't think that I would be able to make the trip happen, but at the last minute, I came up with enough money....and you know what? It took me five more days to book the plane tickets because I was afraid. I couldn't bring myself to hit the button that said "submit payment". I'm the type of person that needs to visualize myself in certain situations so that I can feel comfortable and for some reason I could not picture myself on a plane or in Colorado. I can't explain why, but I kept thinking "things like this don't happen to people like me". As if I was too 'normal' to travel. I had never been off the East Coast other than for a conference and this trip would be so spontaneous. But, this was the exact spontaneity that I lived for. All of my morals scream to live like it is your last day, but when it came to putting my mantra to the test, my legs wobbled.

After five days, I mustered up the courage to purchase the tickets, I went to Colorado and had the trip of a lifetime.

I would never admit to anyone that I was afraid to travel. How can you be a carefree spirit that is afraid to travel? It's expected for everyone to want to see the world, but amongst the beautifully crafted pins on Pinterest, there is no one talking about how frightening discovering a new world can be. Well carefree spirit, it's okay to admit that you love the idea of travel, but are afraid to actually do it. Just so long as you push past your fear to see the world.  If no one will say it, I will: travel can be hectic and scary. Travel by plane is unpredictable, trying to communicate when you don't know the language can be frustrating and there are different situations that you may encounter that you weren't prepared for. This is all a part of living and realize that you are better from these experiences. Realize that you deserve to travel just as much as your favorite travel blogger. Pray that the Lord or the universe keep you safe in your travels and trust in yourself to make conscious decisions. Put away money from all of your pay checks so that you can no longer use not having money as an excuse. Envision yourself on a plane or train or in a car on a road trip.

Live up to your life's motto and expand on it through your traveling adventures. Don't disappoint yourself by letting your fears interfere with your spirit.

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