The Melanated Bosses Series: Neosha Gardner of CreateHER Stock

Inspired from the "Melanated Goddesses" movement, I present to you the Melanated Bosses Series: a series highlighting young, brown woman bosses from all over. Meet Neosha Gardner, the creator of CreateHER Stock.
1. For those who don't know, please tell us about your entrepreneurial ventures!
Well, I was told my government name is Neosha, lol. I am what I like to call, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and lively young mama. I own a couple of blogs where I chat about business and growing your influence for my brand design business, HUNCreative - as well as my own personal lifestyle blog, The RNG, where I curate content on all things beauty, natural hair, motherhood, and love for the simple things in life.

I also recently launched a niche stock photo site, CreateHER Stock, where myself and several others are on a mission to provide quality and authentic images for bloggers and creatives of color.

2. What inspired you to start CreateHer Stock?
I was inspired out of frustration last summer when I wanted to outsource an image for a blog post but couldn't find one that would resonate or make sense. I often heard many women complain about having issues with finding great images for women like us (including myself) so I got up one day and said, "let me fix this" - thus, CHS was born.

3. Did you experience any unforseen struggles when starting your business(es)?
Like any business, young or old, of course I did. When I first started my design business, I had many issues with people wanting to simply run me in circles. As I grew to improve my business, things changed and I began to place value of myself ahead of others. That brought me across some pretty awesome people whom I still have as awesome client friends today!

When I started CHS, the struggle was worrying if people would actually want to use something they've been wishing for. I had no problem making an investment for us - but I also was afraid about if people actually wanted to help. Turns out, CHS is just as fab as the wonderful people who literally reached out to me.

4.What inspires you to keep going?
Many things. If anyone knows me on social media - I am HUGE advocate for supporting and creating businesses that people of color own and operate. I believe growth and generational wealth begins with us. Why wait when we have the power to create exactly what we need and want? I also stay inspired because I have a lot of personal goals that involve helping my community, family, and others expand themselves as well.
5. What's next on your business agenda? Are you planning to expand?
I plan to expand onto my personal lifestyle blog by incorporating services that will cater to the needs I often hear and see being shared online. I also have a few mini crash courses in the works for HUNCreative that will teach women in business and bloggers the basics and "secrets" I've used and more to build a thriving online presence without the overwhelm or pressure to "fit in".

CHS also has some amazing things on the way. I can't share too much but I see travel in our future *initiates Black Girl Magic powers*

6. How did you determine your personal style/your brand?
Believe it or not, a lot of my online identity literally comes out of thin air. I get ideas and inspiration from everywhere + most times I just love to test out styles. I've rebranded my business maybe 4 times and I'm FINALLY happy with it. The same with my lifestyle blog. I love purple and regal is the way to be. I've grown so much over the years and what you see now  reflects EXACTLY where I am right now. Which explains why "minimal style" is major part of my brands across the board.

7.Do you have any quirky characteristics that you believe make you unique?
Yes. I feel my gift of spur creativity is what makes me unique. I'm able to listen, analyze, and go into action at anytime. I feel that's what has allowed me to remain so at peace with everything around me and helps me to do so much for others.
8. Any advice to any 20-somethings out there wanting to start their own business?
I would share that time is only right when you realize it doesn't exist. By that, it means for every waking moment you're given, it's always the best time to go for whatever goals and dreams you're after. I've done so much on a whim and never regretted doing so because I've learned, I've failed, and I've grown from my experiences. I urge those wanting to start a business to do the same - you're the happiest when you're free to do what you love at any given time.

If you are in need of stock images of Black people, make sure to check out CreateHer Stock! Also, make sure to follow the company on Twitter and Instagram.

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