Solange Sundays-Losing You & Aviator Brewing Company

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For those who are regulars on my blog (first off, thank you!), you know that I am always saying how I wish that all of the Quirky, Brown Chicks of the world could gather together and listen to Solange while drinking craft beer. Well, I am trying to make that dream a reality on QBL with Solange Sundays. For now, I'll call us the 'Quirky, Brown Chick Club", or QBC Club for short. There is only one rule to follow as a part of this clique: on Sundays, we listen to Solange. Cue the Mean Girls Scene!

Losing You

So there is another catch to this club. If the only beer that you have ever tried was the common six packs that can be found at any gas station, this club is going to help you develop your taste. If you think that all beer taste like sour water, you have not been drinking the right stuff. If you are ever in North Carolina and in the mood for drinking a good beer, make sure to get your hands on anything from the Aviator Brewery. One of my favorites is their draft ale, Hot Rod. At 6.1%, you are sure to have a fun time (most beers are only 4-5%).

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Thanks for tuning in this Solange Sunday! You are officially a part of the club. Stay Quirky!

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