Quirky, Brown Chick: Jelisa Jay Robinson

If I had it my way, all of the quirky, brown chicks of the world would come together, become friends and sing kumbaya while listening to Solange and drinking craft beer. Until that day comes, I present to you the Quirky, Brown Chick series. Meet Jelisa Jay Robinson of Black Girl, Latin World.
1. How would you describe your personal style?
I describe my personal style as a mix of earthly brown, sleek Black and pretty pink.  I love wearing simple outfits and dark wash jeans. Every once in a while, I will rock a dress.  I love shirts with lace and fantastic prints.  I just wear whatever catches my eye and looks great.

2. What song are you vibing with right now?
I can't stop listening to "Dale" by Los Rakas.  The beat in infectious.  Also, Chino y Nacho's "Me Voy Enamorado" because it is a super fun jam!

3. What are you passionate about?
I am a writer.  So, I am passionate about writing.  It is my goal to get writing opportunities into the hands of young Black girls so that they can tell their own stories!  I am passionate about theatre, Afrolatinidad and creating spaces where they intersect. I am passionate about my faith and belief in the Creator.  I believe in spreading love and joy in the world.  Yes, there are bad things happening  but I believe we are all called to spread positivity.

3. Favorite place that you have traveled?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The city is a mix of the busyness of New York and the scenery of El Paso, Texas.  The city life is vibrant. There are people out at all hours of the night and tall buildings, but the backdrop of the city is a landscape of beautiful mountains.
4.Favorite passtime?
I enjoy reading a good book.  I know #nerdy but since graduating college I've had the time to read what I want to read.  My best friend recently gave me Langston Hughes's I Wonder As I Wander and its definitely been a source of inspiration.

5. What is something about you that people wouldn't expect?
I can recite Big Sean's "Blessed" in my sleep.  That song has become a bit on an anthem for me.

6. Tell us about your blog
Black Girl, Latin World is a vibrant, cultural space that seeks to highlight my experiences as an African American in Latin@ spaces.  I comment on everything from love, learning Spanish and music to Miguel's latest album.  The coolest part about it is connecting with  other African Americans and Afrolatin@s who are passionate about the diaspora, learning Spanish or traveling.

7. What/who inspires you?
God and my family inspires me. God constantly provides guidance to me when I need it most. My family is the most supportive and hilarious bunch of people that you will ever meet. They are my backbone.
8. What stereotypes about the Black community do you wish you could destroy?
That Black people, particularly African Amercians, don't learn or speak languages.  The common question I get when people find out that I speak Spanish is "Where are you from?" or "What are you?" I reply "Black American" but their questions make me think why do I have to be from somewhere else to speak another language?  Through my blog, I have connected with Black Americans from all over who learn and speak Spanish.

9. Anything else? (quotes, inspiration, shameless promotion)
Be grateful for life.  When you have big dreams, you want to reach them so bad.  You have to learn how to walk that line of being content with what you have and working hard to get where you want to be.

Check out my blog: Blackgirllatinworld.com


From Jelisa: For the month of September, check out my blog's Guest Writer's Month, Diasporic Realness.  I will be featuring super talented writers from all over the diaspora to chat about their experiences, their opinions and their stories.

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